Located on the west coast of India, Goa State is one of the country’s largest resorts. It is completely unlike the rest of India. Kilometers of sandy beaches, coconut trees and parties on the beach – this is what awaits every tourist who visits Goa. Tourists and travelers come here for an excellent beach holiday, beautiful views, an atmosphere of freedom and local alternative medicine. The state capital is the city of Panaji with a population of about 50 thousand people.

From an economic point of view, Goa has a much better level of welfare compared to other states in India and has a dynamic and fairly young population. The largest areas of Goa are Margao, Vasco da Gama, Mapusa and the capital of Panaji.

How to get to Goa?

You can get to Goa in several ways. It all depends on the point of departure: from the territory of India or from a third country.

So the easiest way to get to Goa is by plane. Dabolim Airport daily receives hundreds of flights from Europe and the Middle East. It often happens that there are no direct flights, or they are very expensive. In this case, choose flights with a change in Delhi or Mumbai. From here, at least five airlines fly daily to Goa, and the travel time is no more than 3 hours.

Goa, Goa, India Travel Guide

Another way to get to the resort is by train or bus. This is a very appropriate way for those tourists who want to significantly save money and love exoticism. Perhaps the main disadvantage of this method is the duration. The average travel time is from 9 (train) to 16 (bus) hours. If this prospect does not scare you, then in Mumbai go to the train station or to any travel office to buy a ticket there. Trains depart from Dadar Station and from Chhatrapati Shivaji Central Station. As for buses, the departure point is usually indicated on the ticket.

Sighs of Goa

In addition to the excellent beaches, which are perhaps the main attraction of the resort, Goa has many more interesting places. If you wish, you can find here an excellent excursion program and even UNESCO sites. We are talking about the Portuguese cathedral of the 16th century Basilica of Bon Jesus, or the Basilica of Merciful Jesus in Old Goa. The largest Catholic church in Asia, St. Catherine’s Cathedral, is also located here. Of particular interest to tourists are the Forts, which remained about the time of Portuguese colonization. And of course, you can include museums, galleries, lighthouses, fortresses, reserves and much more in the list of cultural programs.

Goa, Goa, India Travel Guide

Hotels in Goa

The resort is conditionally divided into North and South Goa. The most luxurious and expensive hotels are located on the coast of South Goa. Here, wealthy Indians and Europeans like to spend their holidays. Hotels in North Goa are much cheaper, and the atmosphere of this part of the resort is more conducive to noisy parties and shows. Those who like to combine beach vacations and nightly fun love to stay here.

Goa, Goa, India Travel Guide