Gokceada Yildiz Koy camp is very popular among tourists who love outdoor recreation. Among the many campgrounds in Turkey, this camp is famous for its location. It is located on the island Gokceada in the Aegean Sea. And nothing here does not disturb peace and solitude with nature.

However, do not think that the camp is completely cut off from civilization, it is not. Tourists prefer to rest in Gokceada Yildiz Koy camp from May to October. The highest peak of the tourist season in the summer months and on holidays. In addition, a trip around the island and visiting its natural attractions greatly diversifies the program of any vacation.

How to get to Gokceada Yildiz Koy Camp / Canakkale?

You can get to Gokceada Yildiz Koy camp only by ferry. There are ferry services to the island from the port of Canakkale and Kabatepe. But the way to get to these ports you choose. There are several options here.

Firstly, it is certainly a flight. The nearest airport to the camp is in Canakkale. From here to the ferry pier just 15 minutes away. However, this airport serves only domestic flights. Therefore, if you are going to camp from abroad, you should choose flights with transfers in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and other cities of Turkey.

Gokceada Yildiz Koy Camp, Gokceada Yildiz Koy Camp / Canakkale

The second alternative can be regular intercity buses or cars. In Turkey, a lot of travel companies that provide passenger transportation between the cities of the country. Therefore, it will not be difficult for you to find a bus from any bus terminal in a Turkish city and get to Canakkale. Any tourist who goes to the campsite on a personal car can transport it to the island on the ferry. When you reach the island, head towards Yildiz Bay (Yildiz Koy), following the signs on the road. Those who do not have a car can do it in minibuses going to the bay.

Information about Gokceada Yildiz Koy Camp / Canakkale

Gokceada Yildiz Koy camp is one of the most beautiful campgrounds on the island in Turkey. It is located in Yildiz Bay, which in Turkish means Star Bay. The camp is located in the most picturesque place on the beach. The bay belongs to the National Marine Park of Turkey, the only one in the country.

As for the camp, here you can spend a great vacation in nature. The campsite has everything you need for a comfortable stay. Namely:

  • Shower and restroom
  • Fridge,
  • The Internet,
  • Electricity,
  • Dining and BBQ area,
  • Cafe and bar,
  • Parking.

It should be noted that pets are allowed in the camp. In addition, there is also a breakfast buffet at the campsite.

In addition to camp holidays, you can also take part in various activities outside of it. For example, you can sunbathe on the rocks or go diving in the bay. You can also visit interesting places on the island. Among them: Greek villages, Aydincik Beach, Laz Bay, Salt Lake, Marmaros Waterfall, Cheese Rocks and much more.

Gokceada Yildiz Koy Camp, Gokceada Yildiz Koy Camp / Canakkale

Where to stay in Gokceada Yildiz Koy Camp / Canakkale?

In Gokceada Yildiz Koy camp, standard accommodation in tents is available. If you do not have your own, then camp staff will gladly rent you one. Included with the tent you get a mattress, pillows, a blanket and a set of bed linen. In addition, outside the camp you can stay in small hotels, bungalows and guesthouses.

As for the prices in the camp, the price list is as follows:

  • Place for a tent + charge per person – 50 TL (about $8)
  • Tent for rent – 100 TL (about $16)
  • Buffet breakfast – 30 TL per person (about $5)

Please note that prices may vary depending on the season and holidays. For more up-to-date pricing information please contact the camp staff.