The Green Tomb (Yesil Turbe) in Bursa is only part of the complex, which also includes the Green Mosque (Yesil Cami). Both of these buildings are unique architectural and historical monuments that are directly related to the history of the Ottoman Empire. Once Bursa was the first capital of the empire, so the city has preserved many places and buildings that witnessed the beginning of the path of the Ottomans.

The green tomb is a very recognizable part of the complex. The name of the tomb was due to turquoise reliefs that adorn the interior of the tomb. Interestingly, the building remained unchanged from the date of its construction until today.

History of Green Tomb (Yesil Turbe)

Most of the historical buildings in Bursa were built in the early periods of the Ottoman Empire in the 13-14th centuries. In the Green Tomb (Yesil Turbe) rests the body of the fifth sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Mehmed I and his family members – three sons, two daughters and their nurse. The tomb was built in 1421 for 40 years before the death of the Sultan.

Green Tomb, Green Tomb (Yesil Turbe) / Bursa, Turkey

Inside the tomb, walls are decorated with ceramic tiles of blue, green and turquoise colors with gold-plated decorations. Large windows let in enough light to see all the details of the interior. The entrance to the tomb is free. At the entrance, you need to take off your shoes (there is a small closet for shoes next to it); women are recommended to cover their heads with a scarf.

How to get to Green Tomb (Yesil Turbe)

Getting to the Green Tomb (Yesil Turbe) is not difficult. This can be done by public transport, taxi or rented car. If you decide to walk, keep in mind that some streets are quite steep, so make sure you have comfortable shoes.

Green Tomb, Green Tomb (Yesil Turbe) / Bursa, Turkey

Nearest bus stops: Yesil / Celebi Mehmet Blv, and Irganda Koprusu. A taxi is located one block from the tomb. If you prefer personal car, you cannot worry about parking, as there is both paid and free parking next to the complex.

Nearest hotels to Green Tomb (Yesil Turbe)

There are many tourists in Bursa and therefore the tourist infrastructure is very well developed. There is no shortage of hotels in the city. In addition, many excellent alternatives are located near the Green Tomb (Yesil Turbe). Among them:

  • Yesil Butik Hotel
  • Onuncu Koy Hotel
  • Ipekyolu Butik Hotel
  • Hotel Gold
  • Loft Hotel

Green Tomb, Green Tomb (Yesil Turbe) / Bursa, Turkey

Nearest restaurants to Green Tomb (Yesil Turbe)

If you get hungry after the visit of the Green Tomb (Yesil Turbe), you can go to any of the nearest restaurants and cafes. They are literally two steps away from the mosque and the tomb. Among them:

  • Kebapci Iskender
  • Pastaland
  • Kalecik Restoran
  • Tophane Hisari
  • Patila’s