Are you one of those who want to spend a good holiday abroad, but you have limited budget and time? If you have only a few days, we advise you to go to Guatemala. The history and past of this country originates from the Mayans. This is one of the few countries in the world with such a rich excursion program, where you can go with a small budget. Let’s see how to get to Guatemala, what you can see there, where to stay in Guatemala.

Guatemala City, Guatemala City / Guatemala

Guatemala City / Guatemala How to Get There?

You can get to Guatemala from the United States, Mexico, Canada and the UK, or from Costa Rica, El Salvador, Colombia, Venezuela and Honduras. The main airport of Guatemala City is Aurora international airport (La Aurora). It is 5 km from the city center. Transfer to the city by taxi or public transport. The bus stop is located at the exit of the terminals.

Guatemala City, Guatemala City / Guatemala

Information about Guatemala City / Guatemala

In the capital of Guatemala, in Guatemala City, you will find an interesting attraction, perhaps the only one of its kind. A huge relief map of the country (the Relief Map of Guatemala), built on an area of 1800 square meters, affects thousands of tourists every day. The history of this exhibit is very unique. This map was created by Francisco Vela for 18 months between 1904 and 1905. The Creator of 5 years traveled around the country collecting data for the map and only then built a huge layout. It was a difficult work for that time. Near maps is another attraction – Sound Forest of Hormigo. In this forest, trees called Marimba are grown and used to make Guatemala’s national musical instruments.

Buildings in the city center are one-storey or two-storey. On their walls you can see colorful graffiti. There are many active volcanoes in Guatemala. The capital is surrounded by four volcanoes, two of which are active. For this reason, earthquakes frequently occur in the city, and the buildings in the city are low-rise.

Guatemala City, Guatemala City / Guatemala

Guatemala City

You can also shop in the markets and shops in the center of Guatemala City. It sells a lot of handmade items, mainly ceramics, souvenirs and baskets. All products you can buy at quite affordable prices. Various fruit and vegetable markets are also located in the city center. In the city center you can visit the government building and the Cathedral, as well as the monument of independence, which was built in 1821.

In Guatemala City you can also visit Ixhel and Popol Vuh museums. The first Museum presents an exhibition of national costumes and textiles of Guatemala. The second Museum is a collection of historical artifacts dedicated to the ancient Mayan people.

Guatemala City, Guatemala City / Guatemala

Quetzal bird on the flag of Guatemala is a symbol of freedom and independence of the country. This rare bird lives in Central America, and since the time of the Mayans, was considered a sacred animal. Guatemala is the most important exporter of sugar, coffee, cocoa and bananas in the region. The first cocoa plantations and chocolate were made by the Maya Indians in the territory of modern Guatemala.

Guatemala City / Guatemala Accommodation

Hotel Sevilla: family rooms, free wi-fi, breakfast included.

Hotel Spring: free wi-fi, cozy and clean rooms, shuttle service to and from the airport.

Guatemala City, Guatemala City / Guatemala

Hotel Exel: this is a pet-friendly hotel.

Radisson Hotel: is a five-star hotel in the city center. This is the most luxurious and most expensive hotel. It offers: free Wi-Fi, fitness room, bars and restaurants, jacuzzi, solarium, airport shuttle and much more.