Hainan is an island and the largest province in southern China. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country among tourists from all over the world. The secret of this place is simple: it combines beautiful beaches and the sea, ancient frames and parks, forests and mountains, hot springs and waterfalls. Externally, local resorts resemble the Hawaiian Islands, only have a pronounced Asian flavor. Today in our post we will talk more about Hainan, and you yourself decide to include it in your vacation route in Asia or not.

How to get to Hainan?

There are several ways to get to Hainan, but the main one is the plane. Hainan Island has two international airports, hosting guests from all over the world. The first of these is Haikou Meilan Airport, the largest airport on the island. It is located 25 km from the city of Haikou. Flights from mainland China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan and South Korea fly daily here.

Hainan’s second international airport is Sanya Phoenix. It is 11 km from the city of Sanya. To get from the airports to the center of the nearest cities, you can use a taxi or tourist shuttles.

Hainan, Hainan, China Travel Guide

Cities of Hainan, where to go?

The capital of the province and the island of Hainan is the city of Haikou. This is where most of the tourists come. Some of them go almost immediately to the southern coast of the island, to the city of Sanya. There are the best beaches, some attractions, the most luxurious hotels and the best diving center of the island.

Tourists who stay for at least a few days in the capital will also have something to do: in the old city and its environs, the bulk of the island’s historical and natural attractions are located.

Things to do in Hainan

Perhaps the main reason why tourists come to Hainan is a beach holiday. The best beaches of the island are located on the south coast near the city of Sanya. There you will have great opportunities for outdoor activities. You can go diving, surfing, paragliding, go for a bike ride or just go fishing in the waters of the South China Sea. Also, on the island there are many interesting places where you can go on an excursion. For example:

  • Monkey Island
  • Nanshan Temple,
  • Ethnic Park Bethel-Nat,
  • Volcano Ma An,
  • Wugun Temple,
  • tomb of Hai Zhuya,
  • Qiu Jin Academy, and others.

Hainan, Hainan, China Travel Guide

Hotels in Hainan

Hotels in Hainan offer a wide selection of accommodation for every budget. However, be prepared for the fact that there will be few budget options, since the island’s main hotel fund is 5-star hotels. Therefore, if you want to save on housing, book a hotel in advance, at least a couple of months before the trip. In the capital, the price per night in a room is much lower than in the south and the main resort cities. The most expensive hotels are in the Yaluvan district (about 25 km from the city of Sanya).