Harput Castle, located in the Turkish city of Elazig, has a very long history. According to historical sources, the castle was built in the 8th century BC during the reign of Urartu Kingdom. The castle is of great importance for the city, and is visible from almost anywhere in the city. All tourists coming to Elazig must visit the castle to touch the ancient history. It is surprising that the castle was a refuge and a fortification for many civilizations, but it could continue to this day.

History of Harput Castle

In the 8th century BC, the kingdom of Urartu was located on the site of the modern Turkish city of Elazig. It was during this period that Harput Castle was built. After 2 centuries, the castle passed under the power of the Persians, and then for many years passed from hand to hand of different rulers and civilizations. Among them were the Romans, Parthians, Sassanians and Byzantines. This struggle continued until the 11th century. Finally, these lands passed to the power of the Seljuks, and only in the 15th century did the Ottomans own the lands and castle.

Harput Castle, Harput Castle / Elazig, Turkey

Harput Castle consists of two parts: the outer walls and the inner castle. Because in the Middle Ages, the castle was restored, it was able to survive to this day. Although the inner walls of the castle are destroyed, inside there are still some buildings, among which there is a barn, a water tank, ammunition storage, a mosque and others.

How to get to Harput Castle

Harput Castle is located on Yalcin Mountain in 15 minutes from the city center of Elazig. The castle is clearly visible from anywhere in the city, so you cannot make a mistake with the direction. Fans of hiking can go to the castle on foot, but the journey by taxi or bus will take much less time.

Harput Castle, Harput Castle / Elazig, Turkey

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Harput Castle, Harput Castle / Elazig, Turkey

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