According to the latest census in the province of Hatay live an average of more than 1.5 million people. Hatay is located in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea and is bordered by Syria. This is a city of amazing beauty, which has hundreds of historical monuments. On the one hand, the city is surrounded by the mountains Amanos, on the other – green plains.

Throughout its history, Hatay experienced many events. The city was the capital of several civilizations, each of which left its mark on the architecture of the city and its surroundings. In Hatay, a Muslim mosque, a Christian church and a synagogue peacefully coexist in one block. Here you will hear the sound of bells, merging with the muezzin’s call to prayer.

Hatay, Hatay (Turkey) Travel Guide

It is impossible to list all the attractions of this city. We will give only a brief description of several places to visit in Hatay.

Adali Mansion in Antakya

The history of the creation and construction of this mansion is as beautiful as tragic. French architect Jacques La Boucherie fell in love with Marie Therese Charlotte, daughter of the Tortus family, a Paris nobleman. The girl responds to the young man with mutual feelings. They had plans to start a family, but the outbreak of World War I forced them to postpone their marriage. Jacques La Bouchery joined the French army, which at the time was based in Hatay. Here, Jacques and caught up with the news of the sudden death of her beloved. Not knowing himself from grief, in order to honor the memory of his beloved woman, Jacques recreated her Parisian house on this earth and called it the mansion Adali.

Hatay, Hatay (Turkey) Travel Guide

Samandag Beach

Samandag beach is located in the same area of Hatay. Its length is about 16 kilometers of the Mediterranean coast. In addition to the usual beach activities, you can also surf. There are equipment rental shops on the beach.

Hatay, Hatay (Turkey) Travel Guide

Bakras Fortress

The fortress of Bakras was built from the 12th to the 13th century. The fortress is located on Mount Amanos in the area of Belen. Historians believe that the fortress served as the entrance to the ancient Armenian kingdom.

Tombs of Besikli

The tombs of Besikli are located among the ancient ruins of the ancient port city of Seleucia. Here are the largest and most famous rock tombs carved inside the rock. Inside there are both separate stone sarcophagi and multi-burial places.

Hatay, Hatay (Turkey) Travel Guide

Tunnel Titus

This huge tunnel in the Samandag area was created in 300 BC to protect the harbor from the danger of flooding. Roman legionaries, sailors and prisoners were sent to cut the tunnel in the rock. Its length was about one and a half kilometers, 130 meters of which were built by hand.

Harbiye Waterfall

Harbiye Waterfall is located to the same resort area, lying in a beautiful gorge. In antiquity, this area was located the city of Daphne and was a popular resort. Here was the royal country residence of the Seleucid kings.

Hatay, Hatay (Turkey) Travel Guide

Antakya Park

The park is located next to the river Asi and is known as the largest park in the city. There are many types of trees that provide shade for walking in the hot summer. Also, here are places for recreation, gazebos, open and closed cafes, where you can have a good time.