Helsinki, the capital of Finland, stands out significantly from other European capitals. The city was founded in the middle of the 15th century and has since been the main port of Northern Europe. Interestingly, the territory of the city includes 315 islands in the Gulf of Finland. Helsinki is the most sparsely populated European capital. The city combines modernity, order, tranquility and northern nature. Today we will talk about the capital of Finland in more detail in our guide.

How to get to Helsinki?

To get to Helsinki, you need to choose any of the alternative options: plane, bus or cruise ship.

Hundreds of flights from different countries and cities of the world land daily at the main airport of the capital, Vantaa Airport. Finding a direct or connecting flight to Helsinki is easy. From the airport to the city can be reached by taxi, bus (No. 620N, 415 or 451) or by train (only to the railway station of the capital).

Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland Travel Guide

You can also get to Helsinki by bus, train or ferry. This option takes longer, for objective reasons, but in some cases, it may be more budget than a flight.

Things to do in Helsinki

Many travelers agree that Helsinki is one of the most quiet and calm world capitals. For some, this is a big plus, and for others, the cause of boredom. Many tourists use Helsinki as the largest transportation hub for further travels in Europe. However, the city has something to offer its guests. You can safely include a visit to the Finnish capital in your vacation plan and stay here for a couple of days. This time is enough to explore the main sights, enjoy the local views and have a good time.

Here is a list of places you could visit in Helsinki:

  • Sveaborg Fortress;
  • Senate Square (Senaatintori);
  • Market Square (Kauppatori);
  • Museum of Contemporary Art “Kiasma”;
  • Assumption Cathedral;
  • Church in the rock;
  • Serena Waterpark;
  • Botanical Garden;
  • Helsinki City Museum;
  • Winter Garden;
  • Sea Life Center;
  • Seurasaari island;
  • Presidential Palace, and others.

Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland Travel Guide

Hotels in Helsinki

When choosing a hotel in Helsinki, remember only two things: the main attractions are located in the city center, so the hotel is also worth choosing somewhere nearby; secondly, book the hotel in advance. This is especially true for hotels of medium and budget price categories. In general, there is no shortage of hotels in the capital, just the most advantageous offers tourists buy out almost instantly. Lovers and connoisseurs of luxury will also find in the city a good choice of accommodation in 5-star hotels. Here, guests will be offered a variety of additional options: from the pool and spa treatments to tennis courts and private beaches. For those who love and appreciate personal space, renting apartments is an excellent option. Here you can stay with the whole family or a large company, but you will have to cook yourself.