Holidays in Spain is probably the best choice of all. This country can give every tourist a warm sun, excellent beaches, bright entertainment and, of course, a wide excursion program with unique sights. One of them is the famous Hercules Tower, located in the northern part of the Spanish city of La Coruna. This is the oldest lighthouse in the world, which is still working. About it today will be discussed in the post below. Read more to find out about this place, how to get there and where you can stay nearby.

How to get to Hercules Tower

Hercules Tower is located in the city of La Coruna, in the northwestern part of Spain. This is a large port city, which has its own international airport. So getting here will be quite easy. There are several ways to get to Hercules Tower:

  • By car (it can be rented at the airport terminal);
  • By bus (route numbers 3, 3А, 5);
  • On the tourist tram;
  • By taxi;
  • On the bike.

Hercules Tower, Hercules Tower, Spain Travel Guide

Information about Hercules Tower

The history of the lighthouse of Hercules Tower began in the 1st century, when the state of Galicia existed on the territory of modern Spain. In those days, the shore of La Coruna was extremely dangerous for ships entering the city port. That is why the Romans decided to build a lighthouse here. Until the 17th century, the lighthouse ensured the safety of seafarers, and after that, it lost its value and eventually fell into neglect. A century later, local architects restored the lighthouse, and soon the first lighthouse keepers school in Spain opened here.

The Hercules Tower lighthouse is still working and is under the protection of UNESCO. This is the only ancient Roman lighthouse in the world, which is still used today. On the top floor of the tower is an observation deck, which can get anyone. It offers stunningly beautiful views of the Atlantic coast.

Hercules Tower, Hercules Tower, Spain Travel Guide

The tower is open to visitors daily from 10 am to 6 pm (from October to May) / to 9 pm (from June to September). The entrance to the tower is about 3 Euro; children and seniors pay half the price of the ticket.

Nearest Hotels to Hercules Tower

If you decide to stay in La Coruna, then look at the short list of the nearest hotels to Hercules Tower below:

Ayre Hotel Gran Via: The hotel has clean and tidy rooms, a bar and a restaurant serving delicious food. This is one of the budget hotels offering excellent service.

Hercules Tower, Hercules Tower, Spain Travel Guide

Hotel Sun Galicia: The hotel has a large swimming pool, and rooms have private balconies. Free Wi-Fi and breakfast are provided.

Hotel Curinia: The hotel is located just 2 km from the city center. The rooms in the hotel have beautiful views from the window, clean and comfortable.