Hidirlik Tower is one of the most mysterious sights of Antalya, located in the historic Kaleici district on the Mediterranean coast. About 300 thousand tourists come here every year to admire amazing views from the tower. Until now, scientists and historians have not agreed on what purpose this tower served. After the visit, you can also put forward your theory.

History of Hidirlik Tower

Hidirlik Tower appeared in the 2nd century AD in the time of the Roman Empire. The tower looks like a huge drum, which stands on a square pedestal. The height of the tower is 14 meters. According to historians, the pedestal of the tower is even older and was built in the Hellenistic period.

As for the purpose of the tower, historians have no common opinion here. However, they have several major versions.

First version. The tower served as a lighthouse. Indeed, the tower is located on the shore of the bay and is very clearly visible from the sea. In other words, the tower could serve as an excellent landmark for ships.

Hidirlik Tower, Hidirlik Tower / Antalya, Turkey

The second version. The tower is a defensive fortress. The thickness of the walls of the tower is such that it suggests that the tower could be used to defend the ancient city. Do not forget that in those days, raids by enemies, neighbors and barbarians were commonplace.

Finally, the third version. The tower is a tomb. This thought was prompted by the presence of a huge stone slab, located inside the hall of the tower.

How to get to Hidirlik Tower

Getting to the Hidirlik Tower is quite simple, as it is perhaps the most famous landmark of Antalya. The tower is located in the Kaleici district, next to the Karaalioglu Park.

From the bus station or airport to the tower, you can get by bus number 600 or 600a to the Sarampol Caddesi stop. From other parts of Antalya, you can get to the tower by tram or bus to the Karaalioglu Park stop. You can also take a taxi.

Hidirlik Tower, Hidirlik Tower / Antalya, Turkey

Nearest hotels to Hidirlik Tower

Near the Hidirlik Tower there are many hotels offering a wide range of rooms. There are many alternatives from all-inclusive hotels to bed & breakfast hotels. You can also easily find very budget hotels with small but cozy rooms. Among them:

  • Mera Park Hotel
  • Puding Marina Residence
  • Alp Pasa Hotel
  • Tuvana Hotel
  • Dogan Hotel by Prana Hotels & Resorts
  • Bacchus Pansiyon

Hidirlik Tower, Hidirlik Tower / Antalya, Turkey

Nearest restaurants to Hidirlik Tower

If you get hungry after visiting the Hidirlik Tower, you can quickly and easily find a suitable restaurant or cafe. The nearest one is located right at the foot of the tower; others are nearby in the park Karaalioglu. Among them:

  • Sota Eat & Drink
  • Odile Hotel Restaurant
  • Terrace Ice Café
  • Castle Cafe & Bistro
  • Chill Garden & Bistro