At 250 km north of Ankara is the Ilgaz mountain range. On its northern slopes, 11 km south of Kastamonu, is the National Park, and in it is a small ski resort Ilgaz. The national park is located on 1089 hectares and is of great importance in terms of its flora, fauna, geographical position, and natural landscape. Ilgaz, one of the most beautiful national parks in Turkey, offers its guests a unique outdoor recreation.

The ski resort is very popular with the locals, especially from the capital. Here you can have a good time both for one and the whole family.

Ilgaz How to Get there?

Ilgaz is located in the province of Cankiri. Ilgaz nearest airport is in Ankara – Esenboga International (ESB). The airport serves both local and international flights. It is located 125 km from the center of Ilgaz. From the airport you can rent a car or take a bus from the bus station. Travel time will be 2-2.5 hours.

For those who get to Ilgaz from Istanbul will have to spend more than 4 hours on the road.

Ilgaz, Ilgaz, Ski Resort in Turkey Travel Guide

Information about Ilgaz

The ski season on Ilgaz lasts from December 1 to March 30. The resort is located at an altitude of 2600 kilometers above sea level and is considered not the highest. In Turkey, there are resorts taller. There are three tracks in Ilgaz: 700 meters, 900 meters and 1500 meters. Trails have a low rise. They are ideal for beginner skiers and snowboarders. Also, at the resort there are three lifts. There are rental centers for skiing and snowboarding. In addition, local instructors can give a few lessons to beginners.

In summer, the range of services provided by the national park is no less rich. Ilgaz hosts various activities: hunting, safaris and trekking. Between June 15 and September 15, in the local Baldiran Valley, where the trout farm and many ponds are located, you can go fishing. Also, in the park there are places for climbers and lovers of horseback riding and hiking.

Ilgaz, Ilgaz, Ski Resort in Turkey Travel Guide

The park also houses the headquarters of gendarmerie and rescuers. There is a separate playground and a mini trail for children.

Hotels in Ilgaz

There are several hotels in Ilgaz, guest houses from the University of Ankara and the Ministry of Agriculture, Plant and Animal Husbandry of Turkey. In general, all properties can accommodate more than 2 thousand people at a time. The price of a room in the guest house varies from 130 to 200 Turkish liras per day.

In general, the loyalty system is adopted here. Even if you come for just one day, you can use the lobby of any hotel or guest house. There you can drink hot drinks, use WC and have lunch.

Ilgaz, Ilgaz, Ski Resort in Turkey Travel Guide

In addition, you can also choose a hotel outside the ski resort. In the center of Ilgaz or in nearby Kastamonu you can stay in hotels of a more refined class. In general, a tourist with any budget size can easily find an affordable hotel that he likes.