The city of Isparta is located in southwestern Turkey, north of the Mediterranean Sea. Several lakes surround the city and its surroundings. Their total area is about 9,000 square kilometers. Antalya is located south of Isparta, and Konya is in the east. The city has 12 districts: Egirdir, Atabey, Gonen, Gelendost, Keciborlu, Sutculer, Sarkikaragac, Uluborlu, Sinarkent, Yenisarbademli, Aksu and Yalmac.

Isparta How to get there

You can reach Isparta by land or by air. Isparta has its own airport named after Suleyman Demirel. He takes daily hundreds of flights of local airlines. Unfortunately, while Isparta airport does not accept direct international flights, so you need to choose a flight with a connection in Istanbul or Ankara. The flight time from Istanbul to Isparta is 1 hour.

Isparta, Isparta (Turkey) Travel Guide

Tourists who for some reason cannot get on the plane, there is a great way to take a ticket to the intercity bus. From any major city in Turkey, you can easily find your route. Due to the great interest in Isparta while collecting roses and lavender, passenger tickets quickly sell out. Therefore, if you are planning your trip to Isparta during the harvest season, then buy tickets in advance.

Finally, you can get to Isparta by rented car. Rental locations you can find at the airport. Travel time to Isparta from Ankara takes about 5 hours, 6 hours from Istanbul and 2 hours from Antalya. Rent a car will give you an absolute advantage in freedom of movement, regardless of the schedule of urban transport.

Sights Isparta

There are many interesting places in Isparta. But the city gained particular popularity due to the huge gardens with roses and lavender. It seems that every street, every corner in the city is saturated with their aroma. In addition to the wonderful smell, the view of the gardens also does not leave the guests indifferent. Isparta is the largest producer of roses and lavender, not only in Turkey, but throughout Europe. In addition to natural beauty, the city has many places where historic buildings are located. So, tourists who love sightseeing holidays will also find entertainment to their liking.

Lavender gardens

Lavender gardens, located in the village of Kuyucak, Keciborlu district, are visited by tourists from all over the world. In fact, Isparta, which was known for growing roses, launched a new project with the planting of lavender seeds. Fortunately, this project has been successfully implemented and the City has received new opportunities for generating income. In addition, the incredible beauty of the blooming lavender gardens attracts many tourists. In the period from June to August when lavender blossoms, the village of Kuyucak turns into a fabulous place. Kuyucak village has 150 households whose only source of income is the cultivation and sale of lavender.

Isparta, Isparta (Turkey) Travel Guide

Lake Covada National Park

Lake Covada and its surrounding areas, located in the city of Isparta, in 1970 adopted the status of a National Park. In 1992, it was declared a first-degree conservation area. The average depth of Lake Covada is 7 meters. The width of the lake is about 21 meters. For tourists, only some trails are open. Most of the national park is protected and it is forbidden to organize picnics or camping there. At the entrance to the park there is a museum. This museum provides information about the lake, the nature of the park and the animals and plants that inhabit it.

Isparta, Isparta (Turkey) Travel Guide

Mountain Davraz

The height of the mountain Davraz is 2635 meters. It is located at a distance of about 25 km from Isparta. First of all, the mountain is known for being one of the most popular ski resorts in Turkey. There are 12 tracks on the mountain. The total length of all tracks on the mountain is 23,500 meters. All tracks are divided into three sections: blue, red and black according to the level of difficulty. The thickness of the snow in the mountains varies from 50 to 250 meters. In summer, tourists can go hiking, climbing or paragliding.

Isparta, Isparta (Turkey) Travel Guide