Java is the most populated island of Indonesia, the political and business center of the country. Half of the country’s inhabitants live in Java; here is the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. Despite this, and maybe even because of this, Java remains one of Indonesia’s most interesting tourist destinations.

What is Java? Java is a big cities, a unique culture, harsh volcanoes, huge waterfalls, rice terraces, coffee plantations, a magnificent coast with high waves, secluded bays and beaches, friendly residents and delicious food.

How to get to Java?

The easiest and fastest way to get to Java is by plane. Major airports in Java are located in Jakarta (Jakarta CGK) and Bandung (Bandung BDO) in western Java, Yogyakarta (JOG) in the central part, and Surabaya SUB in the east of the island. Most international flights from Europe arrive in Jakarta. Java is also conveniently accessible with a change in Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. This will slightly increase the travel time, but will save some money on tickets.

As an alternative, you can get to Java by sea by ferry from Bali and Sumatra.

Java,Indonesia, Java, Indonesia Travel Guide

Where to go in Java?

Each tourist and traveler builds his travel itinerary on his own, based on his preferences and plans. For our part, we can talk about the most interesting places on the island of Java that you could visit. Here are some of them.


This is the capital of Indonesia, a large modern metropolis, which is often the starting and / or final destination of a trip to the island of Java and Indonesia. Here you can take a walk around the old city of Kota and the port area, take a ride on local public transport, visit the Taman Mini Indonesia open-air museum, buy souvenirs at local huge shopping malls and arrange a tasting of local dishes.

Java,Indonesia, Java, Indonesia Travel Guide

Anyer and Charita Beaches, volcano Krakatau

Anyer and Charita beaches are located on the west coast of Java. Tourists include them on routes for the sole purpose of visiting the volcano Krakatao. It is from here that all the tours to the volcano start.

Local tour operators offer different formats of tours to Krakatao – from a boat trip and climbing a volcano, to two-day trekking with an overnight stay in a tent on one of the islands.


This is the main beach resort of Java, located on the south coast of the island. There is a dark brown wide sandy beach, excellent surfing, a lot of different housing, cheap food, a pleasant relaxed atmosphere and very picturesque surroundings, and a national park is nearby.

Java,Indonesia, Java, Indonesia Travel Guide


This is the most popular tourist destination of the island of Java, it is the city of the soul and heart of the island. Not far from the city there are two main historical sights of Java: the magnificent Borobudur temple and the ancient Prambanan complex. Here you can visit the palace of the Sultan, see the famous Wayang dance and the Ramayana ballet.