Kadifekale is a high hill within the Turkish resort city of Izmir. At the top of this hill is the eponymous fortress, standing here since the times of Alexander the Great. A wonderful panoramic view of the city opens from here. Anyone who has been here can personally touch the history that goes back centuries.

Fortress survived the Hellenic, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods. Surprisingly, the castle is not included in the number of museum complexes, is not guarded and the entrance here is free at any time for all comers.

History of Kadifekale Fortress

Lysimachus, general of Alexander the Great, built Kadifekale Fortress in the 3rd century BC. Therefore, two kilometers from the coast at an altitude of 186 meters above sea level a fortress was built. Its total area is about 6 km. To this day, only a part of the fortress walls has been preserved, the one that is on the seaside. On the territory of the fortress you can see the remains of the mecid (Muslim prayer room), the reservoir, some of the fortress towers and walls. The last restoration work took place here in 2007.

Kadifekale, Kadifekale Fortress/ Izmir, Turkey

On the site of the ruined northern wall of the castle is now located a pine grove. The height of the fortress walls and towers is about 20-35 meters. It is interesting that a road was laid through one of the fortress walls. With the onset of dusk, the walls of the fortress are beautifully illuminated, and local youth and tourists gather here to enjoy the most beautiful panoramic views of Izmir.

How to get to Kadifekale Fortress

Getting to Kadifekale Fortress is very easy. You can do this by taxi or city bus, which goes back and forth regularly several times a day. Choose buses that follow the route to Konak. The nearest stop to the fortress is Gurcesme Huzurevi.

Kadifekale, Kadifekale Fortress/ Izmir, Turkey

Also in Izmir, you can find many car rental offices. Therefore, if you have an international driver’s license, then you can rent a car and travel a little. Be sure, Izmir and its surroundings have many interesting places and sights.

Nearest hotels to Kadifekale Fortress

Izmir offers guests and tourists a huge number of very different hotels for every taste and budget size all year round. If you decide to stay in this city after visiting Kadifekale Fortress, then look at the short list of the nearest hotels below:

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Kadifekale, Kadifekale Fortress/ Izmir, Turkey

Nearest restaurants to Kadifekale Fortress

The nearest restaurants and cafes to Kadifekale Fortresses also offer guests a variety of tastes and dishes of both national Turkish cuisine and European. Here you can have a good time and have a delicious dinner, meeting the sunset on the hill with a stunning view of the fortress, the sea and the city.

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