The history of Kahramanmaras has several civilizations and dates back to the Paleolithic era. Historians believe that the first civilization that emerged on the territory of the modern city was the Hittite civilization. Later the Persians, Romans, Macedonians, Byzantines, Selcuks, and finally the Ottomans lived here. The city received its name with the decision adopted by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey on February 7, 1973. Although the city was under the auspices of Christians until the 6th century, after the Arab invasions, it met with Islam. In the city you can see the traces of both religions.

Modern Kahramanmaras is the birthplace of the famous Turkish ice cream, which local confectioners make adding to the recipe the roots of wild orchids. Such ice cream can be eaten only with a knife and fork, and it is stored for a very long time and does not melt for several hours in a row.

Kahramanmaras, Kahramanmaras (Turkey) Travel Guide

Kahramanmaras is also known for producing gold jewelry. In terms of production, the city ranks second after Istanbul. In addition, the city is considered one of the centers of Turkey for the production of textiles.

Sights of Kahramanmaras

Kahramanmaras is a magnificent city, ready to receive those tourists who are willing to explore its natural, cultural and historical wealth. This city is a must visit because of its beautiful views, natural and historical sights, architectural and religious diversity. In addition to all this, one of the main reasons for the trip to Kahramanmaras is its cuisine.

Stone bridge

The bridge is located on the road from Kahramanmaras to Kayseri, about 11 kilometers from the city center. The bridge is located on the Ceyhan River and has the same name as the river. According to the best-known evidence, it is believed that the bridge was built during the time of the Zulkadar principality (Turkic Dynasty) in 1563. The bridge is well preserved to this day. And after its reconstruction and strengthening it is suitable for walking.

Kahramanmaras, Kahramanmaras (Turkey) Travel Guide

The bridge has an asymmetrical structure and 6 arches. The length of the bridge is 158 meters. Its highest point is 18 meters and its width is about 5 meters.

The ancient city of Germenicia

The ancient Roman city of Germenicia was discovered quite by accident in the basement of one of the town houses. An ancient mosaic was found there, which turned out to be part of the floor of an ancient house. After this, official archaeological excavations began. According to the most careful estimates of archaeologists in Kahramanmaras located about 100 antique houses. It is believed that Germenicia was founded by the Roman Emperor Caligula. It was a big and rich city that minted its own coin. Scientists do not yet have an answer to the question of how and why the story ended. Perhaps the cause of steel war, fire or earthquake. In any case, the excavation continues to this day. And soon Germenicia turn into an open-air museum.

Kahramanmaras, Kahramanmaras (Turkey) Travel Guide

Traditional mansions Marash

Historical mansions in Kahramanmaras are one of the best examples of Ottoman architecture. Every detail of the house attracts attention. The appearance of these houses is very unusual and resembles a tree house. A distinctive feature of these houses is a fairly large height from the ground to the first window. A solid wall to the windows has two doors – one small and one large. A small door leads inside the house and is used by people. A large door leads to the courtyard and was used for animals – camels, horses, cows, and so on. In the courtyards were located large fountains or pools that were used in the general needs of the house.

Kahramanmaras, Kahramanmaras (Turkey) Travel Guide

These houses usually have 2 floors. As a rule, the lower floor consists of a barn, a basement and a warehouse. The second floor is the living rooms of the owners.