For those who love to spend their holidays in nature, camping in Turkey offer excellent options. One of such camps can be Karagol Alani camp, which is located just 30 kilometers from Izmir and the Aegean coast.

Karagol is a mountain lake, formed as a result of rock breaking. In Turkish, the name means “Black Lake”. Camp is located on the territory of the National Park and receives guests at any time of the year. This place can be ideal for those who want to escape from the city and spend time alone with nature.

Karagol Alani Camp / Izmir, How to get there?

So, as mentioned above, Karagol Camp is located 30 kilometers from Izmir. The easiest and fastest way to get to the camp is by plane. The nearest airport is Adnan Menderes Airport, located in Izmir. It serves both international and local flights. In case if there are no direct flights from your city, you can choose a flight with a transfer in Istanbul. From there, to Izmir, the journey takes just over an hour. So, arriving in Izmir, go to the Karsiyak area. After 26 km to the north you will arrive in Karagol Camp. The total journey time is about 45 minutes.

Karagol Alani camp, Karagol Kamp Alani (Izmir): Camping in Turkey

It is most convenient to travel to the camp and its surroundings by car. You can rent a car in the airport terminal or in the center of Izmir. If for any reason you cannot rent a car, then take a taxi to the camp.

Information about Karagol Alani Camp / Izmir

Karagol Camp is located at 850 meters above sea level in the mountains of Yamanlar. On the way here you can already see stunning views of the bay of the Aegean Sea. And then you will see a real surprise in the form of a lake in the middle of mountains and forests. The age of the lake is so great that there are even reminders of it in Greek myths.

The small paths around the lake offer beautiful, but short, hiking paths through the forest overlooking the lake. In addition, you can have a nice boat tour on the lake.

Karagol Alani camp, Karagol Kamp Alani (Izmir): Camping in Turkey

Karagol Camp is a place for real solitude in a pure natural park. The surrounding nature has a calming effect, and the purest local air gives new strength.

Since the camp is located on the territory of the National Natural Park, hunting and fishing are prohibited here. It is possible to make fires only in specially designated places, using local trees as firewood is strictly prohibited and is punishable by a large fine. On the territory of the camp there is a small shop and a restroom. There is free access to drinking water, but there is no Wi-Fi. Perhaps that is why the feeling of reunion with nature is felt especially acutely here.

Where to stay in Karagol Camp / Izmir?

Karagol Camp offers accommodation only in tents. There are no guesthouses or houses here. This is primarily due to the fact that the camp is located in a conservation area and construction is prohibited here.

Karagol Alani camp, Karagol Kamp Alani (Izmir): Camping in Turkey

As for prices, the price list is as follows:

  • Camp entrance – 22 TL (about $ 4)
  • Rent of a place for a tent – 30 TL (about $5)
  • Rent a place for a car or motorhome – 30 TL
  • Tent rent – 60 TL (about $ 11)