Karahayit / Denizli is one of the many natural beauties of Turkey. At the present time, we all use the modern medicine in one way or another. However, we also do not forget and enjoy using traditional natural methods of treatment and prevention of various diseases. Moreover, their use does not contradict the rules and knowledge of modern doctors. The hot spring of Karahayit in Denizli is an excellent example of health tourism. Karahayit is one of the most important resorts in Turkey. He is also one of the seven best natural hot springs in Europe.

Karahayit, Karahayit / Denizli / Turkey

If you are one of those who want to go to Karahayit, then know that he is considered the elder brother of the famous Pamukkale in the Aegean region. How to get there? What is this place like? What hotels are in Karahayit? Just keep reading, because the answers to these questions are below.

Karahayit / Denizli / Turkey How to Get There?

Getting to Karahayit is easy. This can be done by bus or a rented car for example from Istanbul. However, intercity buses to Denizli run from any major city in Turkey. In addition, you can take domestic flights from Istanbul or Ankara. This way will not take more than 3 hours of your time. As for traveling by car or bus, it is about 9 hours (from Istanbul). After arriving in Denizli, you can get to Karahayit after a 30-minute journey by minibus. Or use a rented car.

Karahayit, Karahayit / Denizli / Turkey

Information about Karahayit / Denizli / Turkey

The Red Travertine of Karahayit which is located 5 km north of Pamukkale, has a similar structure. It is believed that the local water heals. Although Pamukkale’s travertines are white, these travertines are red. Their color is explained by the high content of iron oxide in water.

Near the hot sources of Karahayit / Denizli is the ancient city of Hieri Polis. This further increases the attractiveness of the resort. The resort’s waters are so popular that thousands of people come here every year. The temperature of the water of Karahayit is always the same and is about 58 degrees. The resort can be visited at any time of the year, even in winter. The report of the Ege Institute of Hydro climatology (Turkey) proved that the waters of the resort are a rich source of minerals useful for human health. Karahayit in Denizli is the source of the healing of many diseases due to red waters and thermal mud.

Karahayit, Karahayit / Denizli / Turkey

Red water resort well helps with various female diseases, orthopedic and neurological diseases, rheumatism, skin diseases, hair and nail damage, indigestion and digestion, and many others. It was found that by drinking local water, people got rid of kidney stones, intestinal disorders, and digestive system disorders.

In addition, as mentioned earlier, the mud therapy method is used here. Mud perfectly cleanses the skin, eliminates cellulite and wrinkles.

Karahayit, Karahayit / Denizli / Turkey

Tourism in Karahayit began to develop from the 1970s. Locals rebuilt their homes for hotels. Extensive water studies have been conducted since the 1990s. It is from this time that the health benefits of the Red Sources are officially and scientifically confirmed. Over the past 15 years, due to the increase in the number of tourists, luxury hotels are opening here.

Karahayit / Denizli / Turkey Accommodation

If you are looking for hotels in Karahayit, here are some examples that we have chosen for you.

Herakles Termal Otel: There are swimming pools, clean rooms with a balcony, an indoor garden, a restaurant with a thermal pool and delicious local dishes.

Pam Termal Otel: This hotel offers an indoor thermal pool, an outdoor pool, clean rooms, courteous staff and excellent service.

Karahayit, Karahayit / Denizli / Turkey

Ozdemir Termal Otel: Hotel guests can enjoy the thermal pools, Turkish bath, lush garden, clean and tidy rooms. All this is provided at a relatively inexpensive price.

Villa Lycus: Clean and tidy rooms with a restaurant serving delicious local cuisine are annually visited by many guests.