Turkey keeps a lot of paradise places that are ideal for your vacation. It doesn’t matter if you are going on vacation with friends, family and children, or on your honeymoon. Turkish cities resorts are ready to provide you with service and entertainment for any, even the most demanding, taste. A particularly popular destination is the Mediterranean coast. It is here that the resort city of Kas is located, which we will talk about in today’s post. What is attractive about this city, how to get there and where to stay? Read about this in our Kas guide.

How to get to Kas?

The city of Kas is located in the Turkish province of Antalya on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The nearest airport to the city is Dalaman Airport. It serves domestic and international flights. There are especially many direct flights in the summer months, when there are a lot of people who want to visit Kas. You can get from the airport to the city by transfer or bus. Travel time can be from 1.5 to 2 hours. As you can see, the distance is not close, so it may be more convenient for you to rent a car for independent travel. You can find rental points at the airport terminal.

Kas, Kas, Turkey Travel Guide

Things to do in Kas

Kas is translated from Turkish as “eyebrow.” The city received such a name due to the similarity of the coastline with this part of the face. In general, Kas is a very atypical Turkish resort city. The thing is that once the city belonged to the Greeks, therefore, it largely preserved the charm and architecture of the Mediterranean Greek cities. Add to this a sufficient distance from airports and major cities, the absence of large crowds of tourists and you will understand why this city is so attractive.

There are no hotels of world famous brands, night discos and drunk tourists. But this is an ideal place for those who want to spend a vacation in solitude with themselves and nature.

There is also something to do in Kas! Here are just some of the things you can do:

  • Diving;

Local coastal waters preserve not only the wealth of wildlife of the Mediterranean Sea, but also the ruins of sunken ancient cities, caves and bays.

  • Beaches;

The beaches in Kas are more than 20 km of sand of extraordinary beauty and value. The main local beach is Patara Beach. Part of it is a protected area, as this is the habitat of sea-headed turtles. Another place is Kaputas beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the region.

Kas, Kas, Turkey Travel Guide

  • Tours;

The ruins of the ancient cities of the Lycian Kingdom are located in Kas, one of which, Kinik, is listed in UNESCO.

Hotels in Kas

Hotels in Kas mainly belong to the category of 3 stars +. This means that you will not find all-inclusive luxury rooms, but you can comfortably stay in small but cozy hotels. Villas and apartments for rent are also available in Kas.