Holidays in Turkey are not always associated only with the sea, beaches and the bright sun. Far from the most popular tourist routes, in the farthest (and not so) corners of the country, the most interesting historical sights are located. Some of them are associated with religion, such as Kasimiye Madrasah. This is a traditional religious (Islamic) school in the Turkish city of Mardin, which is located in the southeast of the country near the border with Syria. The history of the building has more than 700 years. Kasimiye is a whole complex, which also includes a mosque and tombs. Read the most detailed information about this attraction below in the post.

History of Kasimiye Madrasah

The construction of the Kasimiye Madrasah was first begun during the Artukids (12-14 centuries). Artukids is a Turkic dynasty, which in those days ruled the lands of modern southeastern Turkey, Western Armenia and Syria. In 1469, the construction of the Madrasah was finally completed. Then and today the madrasah building is a unique architectural object in Mardin. This is one of the best examples of stone construction of that period, perfectly preserved to this day.

Kasimiye Madrasah, Kasimiye Madrasah, Mardin / Turkey

The complex includes a 2-story madrasah building, a courtyard with fountains and a large pool, a mosque and tombs. The entrance to the mosque is from the south and west. The stone gate is decorated with stone bas-reliefs. There are 23 rooms in the madrasah building: 11 of them are on the first floor and 12 on the second. In the madrasah, not only religious lessons were taught, but also astronomy and medicine. For example, it is known that astronomy classes were held in the evening and students used the reflection of the sky in the pool as a visual map.

How to get to Kasimiye Madrasah

Kasimiye Madrasah is located just 2 km from the center of Mardin. Therefore, you can get here without any problems even on foot. If you do not like walking, you can take a taxi or wait for the city bus.

Madrasah is located in the Artuklu district on Cumhuriyet Cad. Street, 1711.

Opening hours are from 8am to 6pm.

Kasimiye Madrasah, Kasimiye Madrasah, Mardin / Turkey

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Kasimiye Madrasah, Kasimiye Madrasah, Mardin / Turkey

Nearest restaurants to Kasimiye Madrasah

If you are hungry after visiting Kasimiye Madrasah, you can easily find a restaurant or cafe within walking distance. As a rule, here you will be offered a wide menu of food and drinks at very reasonable prices.

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