Kemer, located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, is another gem of the Turkish Riviera. Here you will find an excellent vacation in first-class hotels, the best beaches and beautiful views of the sea, pine forest and mountains. The total length of the coastline in Kemer is about 52 kilometers, and the city is located just half an hour from Antalya.

You should definitely come to Kemer if you:

  • Want quality service at the hotel;
  • Came to vacation with children;
  • Want to swim in the sea most of the time, sunbathe on a sun lounger and attend spa treatments;
  • Want to combine a beach holiday with outdoor activities and tours to interesting places nearby.

If at least one item from this list matches your desires and plans, then welcome to Kemer! For our part, we will tell you how best to get there, where to stay and what to do in the city.

Kemer, Kemer, Turkey Travel Guide

How to get to Kemer?

One of the main reasons why tourists from all over the world love Kemer so much, in addition to excellent beaches and service, is its easy accessibility. You can get to city in several ways.

By plane. The nearest airport is in Antalya. It serves not only domestic flights, but also international. Airplanes from Germany, Great Britain, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland and many other countries land here daily. In order to get from the airport to Kemer, you can take a taxi / transfer. This method is very comfortable, but one of the most expensive.

If you want to save a little, then go from the airport to Antalya, and from there to go to Kemer you can use the bus (dolmush) or ferry.

Kemer, Kemer, Turkey Travel Guide

Sights of Kemer

Kemer in the first place, this is definitely a beach holiday. Local beaches on the Mediterranean coast, bays and bays with moorings for yachts and boats are a separate group of attractions that you can visit if you wish.

Also in Kemer, in addition to the beaches, there are many attractions where you could go as part of a tourist group on a tour or on your own. Among them:

  • Phaselis ancient city,
  • Goynuk Canyon
  • Cable car
  • Kemer Yoruk Park,
  • Yanartash
  • Beldibi Cave,
  • Olympos ancient city,
  • Ucoluk plateau, and many others.

By the way, local travel agencies organize tours to most of these places. If you prefer independent travel, you can rent a car, an electric moped or an ATV in Kemer and begin your adventure.

Kemer, Kemer, Turkey Travel Guide

Hotels in Kemer

Choosing a hotel in Kemer you can be sure that you will receive quality service for your money. In most cases, local hotels offer comprehensive accommodation services with cozy and comfortable rooms, swimming pools, private beaches, Turkish baths and SPA centers. However, you can easily find mid-range hotels as well as budget guest houses. Typically, these hotels are located a little further from the coastline. The most luxurious and expensive hotels are located on the coast.

Please note that if your vacation is in the summer months, you need to book the hotel in advance. Otherwise, there is a great risk of choosing a hotel and room not from what you like, but from what is available.