Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful European capitals. Millions of tourists come here every year to witness the unique sights of the Ukrainian capital. In addition to its deep history, the capital has also preserved its cultural heritage to this day and has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in recent years.

In general, Kiev is a city full of entertainment, with both day and night. Its vibrant and vibrant nightlife is due to its many nightclubs and bars. A rich festival program allows you to be acquainted with the history and traditions of the country. Read more in our entertainment guide in Kiev.

Kiev Festivals

Kiev Festivals always attract a lot of tourists’ attention, as they take place on a large scale. Most of the national holidays are held in the form of festivities, dances, playful contests, theatrical performances, fairs and more. The largest of these events is the Syaivo ethno cultural festival, which takes place at the end of September.

However, international festivals are also held in Kiev. Moreover, the theme of the festivals is the most diverse, so that everyone can find entertainment to taste. Among them:

  • Kiev Fashion Week (March);

Ukrainian and foreign designers participate in the festival, hold fashion shows and highlight new fashion trends.

  • Documentary Film Festival (March);

At the festival films from both Ukrainian and foreign directors are presented.

  • International Advertising Festival (May);

Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine

This is perhaps one of the most interesting events of spring. During the festival, shows, master classes and awards are awarded to the winners – the creators of the most interesting, funny, authentic and other advertising.

Also during the year in Kiev, there are other festivals, music, children’s, non-fiction, car races, airplane shows, barbecue parties, sporting events and much more.

Kiev Nightlife

The nightlife of Kiev is widely known even outside the country. The Ukrainian capital noticeably revives with the onset of night. The city has many nightclubs, and the number of people relaxing in them is very large. At the same time, you can be calm, as it is quite safe here. In addition to security, clubs use a special face recognition and security system. In addition, local nightclubs are not too expensive, and when compared with other European cities, we can say that they are cheap. Entertainment at nightclubs usually lasts from 10pm to 6am. Among the most popular nightclubs and bars in Kiev, include:

  • Arena City
  • D*lux
  • Sky Bar
  • Buddha Bar
  • Caribbean Club
  • CHI by Decadence House
  • Dali Park
  • Forsage Club
  • Saxon Club

In addition to nightclubs and bars, you can also go to restaurants that offer a luxurious, and most importantly, delicious menu.

Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine

Also in the Ukrainian capital are open various karaoke bars, bowling alleys, billiards, galleries and exhibitions, show programs and much more. The clubs host not only parties, but also live performances by Ukrainian and world musicians.