Havana is the largest city in Cuba. The capital of Cuba is located on the North-Western tip of the island. The city real name in Spanish sounds like” La Habana”. Havana has long been at the mercy of the Spanish colonialists.  In Cuba traces of the Spanish past can be seen at every step. It is represented in all aspects of life, from the architectural structures to Spanish, which is the official language.

After the revolution, life in Cuba and Havana changed dramatically. Once Havana was the center of the gambling industry and prostitution. Today it is the safest city in the world, where now only Latin melodies are stolen and people are happy. In Havana, there is a free spirit.  The city strikes with old cars, avenues stretching across the city, and of course, people dressed in the brightest clothes.

Havana, Havana / Cuba

Havana’s magnificent beaches, historical monuments and vibrant city life attract thousands of tourists every year.  In the evening, after a day filled with tiredness, you can relax in the beautiful Havana cafes, enjoying a pleasant meal accompanied by music. The famous Havana dish “kongri” you should definitely try, as well as Barbican rice.

Almost every month various festivals are held in Havana. Night life in the city is quite active. There are many places in Havana where you can listen to live music, especially jazz.

Havana / Cuba how to get there?

Most countries have a visa agreement with Cuba, so you do not need a visa to visit the island.  You can get to Cuba by direct flight, that will take about 2 – 12 hours. There are also options with transfers in Paris and Amsterdam, these flight options are cheaper but will take longer. From Jose Martí international airport, you can reach the center of Havana by taxi. If you want a cheaper option, you can use the airport Shuttle bus that departs every half hour.

Havana, Havana / Cuba

To Havana can also be reached by city buses. It is even cheaper than a tourist Shuttle from the airport, but the bus you will have to wait longer, as their schedule is not regulated and not monitored.

Information about Havana / Cuba

Havana is one of the most interesting places in the world. Everyone who works in the city from the cafe to the hotel, considers himself a civil servant. In Cuba, where it is forbidden to buy houses, cars of expensive brands, people live happily enough, and are quite able to pay for their needs.  The state covers the costs of education and health care.

You can start your journey in Havana from Revolution square. The area occupies 31st place in the world in size, and is 12 square kilometers, it often hosts various meetings or fairs. On the square is also the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Cuba, where the famous revolutionary Che Guevara wrote a letter to Fidel Castro “Hasta la victoria siempre” (always to Victory). The national library of Jose Martí, the building of the Cuban national theatre, are buildings that you can also see on Revolution square.

Havana, Havana / Cuba

The national Museum of the Capitol must be visited to understand how the history of Cuba developed before the revolution. The architecture of the building, built in the neoclassical art Nouveau style in 1920, is worth a look. Another interesting object can be the Plaza de Armas square, which was built in 1519 in the first years of the city’s foundation and is the oldest square in Havana. Also, in the capital of Cuba there are excellent restaurants, cafes, the Museum of modern art of ceramics, the city Museum of Havana, the Old castle, the Old temple and the Museum of cars, where you can see the car, which drove Ernesto Che Guevara.

In addition, in the Plaza de La Cathedral (Cathedral square) in the old part of Havana, you can admire the magnificent architecture of the Cathedral of San Cristobal de La Havana.

Havana / Cuba Accommodation

It is important to book accommodation in advance, because Havana has a limited number of accommodation facilities. For the capital of Cuba, a good alternative can be accommodation in houses or apartments that are rented by tourists for a short time.

Havana, Havana / Cuba

Iberostar Parque Central: Located in the old town center, it is one of the most popular hotels with an outdoor and indoor pool and clean rooms.

Melia Cohiba: this five-star hotel is located in the Vedado district. We strongly recommend you to try the cuisine in the restaurant of this hotel. It offers comfortable air-conditioned rooms, a Spa, fitness center, indoor and outdoor pools.

We wish You a pleasant stay in Havana and Cuba.