Kutahya is one of the oldest cities in Turkey. The city is located in the western part of the country, about 40 km from Eskisehir. It produces the best ceramics and faience. Locally-made tiles decorate the walls of Turkish mosques. Around the city there are several thermal spas, in which every tourist can improve their health. In addition, Kutahya has many historical attractions and is of great interest to tourists. In order to assist you in drawing up your travel plan, below we have compiled a small list of the most interesting sights in Kutahya.

Historical sights

The history of the first settlements on the territory of the modern city begins from about 3000 BC. Originally this ancient city was founded by the Phrygians. Also here was the headquarters of Alexander the Great. In the city and its environs preserved buildings of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods. In addition, Kutahya became the site of two bloody battles during the war for the independence of Turkey.

Clock Tower, Zafertepe Monument, Fortress and historical houses are historical sights that you should see during your trip to Kutahya.

Kutahya, Kutahya, Turkey: The Most Interesting Sights


Kutahya is home to some famous mosques, some of which were built in the 13-15th centuries. Here are the most interesting ones: The Great Mosque (Ulu Camii), the Rotating Mosque (Donenler Camii), the mosque Ishak Fakih, the Kursunlu mosque.


The Archaeological Museum and the Ceramics Museum are among the museums we recommend visiting. These museums have an extensive collection of archaeological finds and tell about the history of the city from ancient times to the present day.

Kutahya, Kutahya, Turkey: The Most Interesting Sights

Thermal spas

Around the city there are several thermal spas, the best of which is considered Yoncali. In addition to it, you can also visit the thermal baths and water park Eynal, Ilica Thermal Baths, Thermal Springs Murat Mountain and Dereli Thermal Springs.

Natural sights

The list of Kutahya sights includes

  • Numerous waterfalls located in the mountains;
  • Porsuk Dam;
  • Domanic Woods;
  • Kasalic Nature Reserve;
  • Plateau Golcuk,
  • Vakif Camligi Nature Reserve,
  • Plateau Altintas (Golden Stone).

Kutahya, Kutahya, Turkey: The Most Interesting Sights

Kutahya How to get there?

Kutahya has its own airport Zafer. But unfortunately, it serves only local flights. So, tourists can get to Kutahya only with a transfer in Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya or Bursa.

From any Turkish city you can go to Kutahya by intercity bus from the bus station. In the summer season, buses depart two to three times a day. From Istanbul, part of the way can be reached by the ferry “Istanbul-Bandirma”, from there to Balikesir bus station and further to Kutahya. From Bursa, the trip will take about three hours by bus.