Two beautiful pearls of Bolivia are the cities La Paz and Sucre. Both cities are located on the high slopes of the mountains. People can’t get bored In La Paz and Sucre. Various festivals and fairs, beautiful views and places like a fairy tale, make life in these cities rich and exciting. Beautiful nature, incredible scenery and an incredible place for photographers – this is Bolivia. Be sure to visit Sucre. This city, located in the mountains has a delightfully rich colonial architecture. As for La Paz, it will be enough to say that since May 2015, the city has entered the top seven great cities in the world. Do you want to visit these two beautiful South American cities? Where to stay in La Paz and how to get there? Read about all this in our article.

La Paz, La Paz and Sucre / Bolivia

La Paz and Sucre / Bolivia How to Get There?

In La Paz, a visa is not needed to visit. To this Paradise can be reached with connecting flights from Amsterdam or Lima. Such a flight to La Paz can take from 16 to 18 hours. Direct flights are served from the USA, Chile, Brazil and Peru. From the airport of La Paz to the city is easily accessible by public transport. To Sucre, you will have to get through La Paz, as only this city has the only airport in the country. You can come to Sucre from La Paz by plane or bus. The cheapest way to visit Sucre is by bus.

La Paz, La Paz and Sucre / Bolivia

Facts about La Paz and Sucre / Bolivia

Bolivia is an interesting country in terms of governance. Although the official capital is Sucre, the country is formally governed from La Paz, where the Council of Ministers is located. La Paz, founded by the Spanish in 1548, is the third most populous city in Bolivia and is located at high altitude. The city is the cultural center of Bolivia. La Paz will take you on a journey through history with its historic cathedrals, museums and breathtaking architecture of buildings.

La Paz, La Paz and Sucre / Bolivia

In the Mercado de Hechiceria market In La Paz, you can buy a variety of products: handmade products, spices and herbs. Built in 1548 by Saint Francis, the Iglesia church is an exquisite artifact that will enchant you with its beauty. We also invite you to Casa de Murillo. This mansion is the home of the leader of the revolution in La Paz, Pedro Domingo Murillo. In this house, which is a Museum, you can see the artifacts of the colonial period, furniture and various musical instruments.

La Paz, La Paz and Sucre / Bolivia

Sucre was founded by the Spaniards, like other Bolivian cities. You can see important works of Andalusian culture in this beautiful city. The old town center was listed as world heritage by UNESCO in 1991. Here is Casa de La Libertad is a place where the eternal flame of independence of Bolivia burns. The cemetery of General Cementerio is also located in Sucre. Here you can see tombstones and niches of the period from 1777 and various architectural schools together.

Accommodation in La Paz and Sucre / Bolivia

There are many accommodation options in La Paz. Hotels, apartments and guest houses are ready to offer accommodation options for any budget. Sucre offers you a peaceful alternative of accommodation with charming and pleasant accommodation options in local hotels.

La Paz, La Paz and Sucre / Bolivia

Victhor Hotel: this hotel, located in Sucre, offers clean rooms, a rich menu and friendly staff.

Atix Hotel: located In La Paz, this beautiful hotel is a comfortable place to stay, which also has magnificent views from the Windows of the rooms. Here you will find excellent service, so you will want to come back here again.

We wish you a pleasant stay in La Paz and Sucre.