La Paz is mistakenly considered the capital of Bolivia by many. This is only partly true. The city is the financial, business and cultural center of the country, it houses the parliament and administrative buildings. However, the city of Sucre remains the official capital.

La Paz is the highest mountain city in Bolivia: its center is located at an altitude of almost 3.5 km above sea level, and some quarters are more than 4 km. Out of habit, many tourists in the city are literally breathtaking. You will need time to get used to the local air. However, after you recover, the city will strike you to the very heart, but this time only with its splendor. Read the details in our travel guide for La Paz.

How to get to La Paz?

El Alto International Airport serves international and domestic flights arriving in La Paz. Direct flights are operated from Spain, Brazil, Uruguay, Trinidad and Panama. In all other cases, you will have to fly with a transfer. The airport is only 5 km from the city center, so you can get there easily and quickly. You can use a bus as a transport or take a taxi.

La Paz, La Paz, Bolivia Travel Guide

Sights of La Paz

Perhaps the main attraction of La Paz is its architecture, left over from the period of Spanish colonization. You can start the walk from Jaen Avenue. It is here that the best examples of architecture of the 16th century are located.

Murillo Square: This is the main square of the city where the Presidential Palace, government mansions, the Cathedral and other similar objects are located.

Salle Jaen Street: surprisingly, the look of this charming street has not changed for many centuries. Historic buildings have been perfectly preserved here, in many of which museums are open today: Ethnographic, Museum of Art and National Museum of Archeology, Museum of Coca and Musical Instruments.

La Paz, La Paz, Bolivia Travel Guide

In La Paz there are also very exotic attractions, such as the Witch Market. On the market you can buy an amulet or any item for the most unusual magic rituals. Here you can arrange (for a fee) to meet with a local magician, who will pass the rite for you.

Those who love outdoor activities can go on a tour to Titicaca Lake or the Moon Valley. Tours to the Chakaltaya Mountain are also available for tourists and travelers.

Hotels in La Paz

Hotels in La Paz are ready to satisfy the most diverse requirements of tourists and travelers. There are both luxury hotels located in ancient colonial buildings, as well as quite budget hotels, guesthouses and hostels. The most luxurious and expensive hotels are located in the city center and in the Kalakota district. Accommodation prices range from 115 to 160 euros per night. Mid-range hotels can ask from 20 to 60 euros per night per person.