Lagos is one of the largest cities in Nigeria, with a population of about 13 million people. It is one of the fastest growing cities and a very large trading center of the African continent. Lagos claims the title of the largest third world city with its heavy traffic, slums, huge skyscrapers, beaches, boutiques and nightclubs.

Lagos is located on the shores of the Gulf of Guinea of ​​the Atlantic Ocean. As you understand, such a favorable position ensured not only rapid development through trade, but also attracted tourists. The city receives thousands of tourists every year who dream of an exotic vacation in Africa. For most of the year, temperatures are around 25 degrees Celsius. However, the best time to come to Lagos is from May to October. It is during this period that the temperature is most comfortable for a vacation.

How to get to Lagos, Nigeria?

The simplest and most obvious way to get to Lagos is by plane. The city has its own International Airport – Murtal Mohammed Airport. It serves domestic and international flights from most European and African capitals. If you are traveling from another part of the world, you will have to make a transplant in Europe. The airport is located just 13 km from the city center. You can reach the city in 25 minutes by bus or taxi. Also at the airport terminal you can find car rental points.

Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria Travel Guide

Sights of Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos is widely known for its vibrant nightlife. Also, tourists come here for the sake of excellent shopping and beautiful beaches. However, besides this, the city is also ready to offer a wide excursion program and many interesting sights. Here are some of them:

  • Lekki Conservation Center Nature Reserve;

This is an ideal place for those who want to see with their own eyes the real tropics in Africa. While walking around the reserve, you can watch the animals in their natural habitat.

  • Iga Igungaran Palace;

The building has long been the official residence of the local king. Today, here are the tombs of some members of the royal family and religious places of worship. For the city, the palace is of great value, therefore it is carefully guarded by local residents.

Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria Travel Guide

  • National Museum of Nigeria;
  • New Carter Bridge;

It was the first bridge connecting the island of Lagos with the mainland.

  • Sungbo’s Eredo archaeological site;

This is one of the largest ancient monuments of Nigeria (8th century), surrounded by mysterious traditions and beliefs.

Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria Travel Guide

Hotels in Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos can conditionally be divided into two parts: island and mainland. The islands are connected to the mainland by bridges. The tourist area is the islands. It is here that the bulk of hotels and tourist attractions are located. The most sophisticated hotels are located on the islands of Lagos and Victoria. Usually they have a category of 3, 4 or 5 stars. There are also more economical hostel options here, for those who want to save a little on accommodation.