Those tourists and travelers who are not afraid of long flights choose holidays in Chile. They know that the impressions they get here will more than cover all the inconvenience. This amazing country is ready to offer various entertainments and activities, including not only city tours, but also excellent ski resorts, trekking and mountain climbing, excellent wine and cuisine, and, of course, the stunning beauty of National Parks. We will discuss one of them today. Lauca National Park is a UNESCO-recognized biosphere reserve whose importance and beauty can be appreciated by anyone who comes to Chile.

How to get to Lauca National Park

Lauca National Park is located in northern Chile in the Arica-i-Parinacota region in the Andean Mountains, near the border with Bolivia. The most convenient and fastest way you can get here from Santiago is by domestic flight to Arica Airport. Buses run from Arica to the park.

Lauca National Park, Lauca National Park, Chile Travel Guide

Information about Lauca National Park

Lauca National Park is one of the wonders of nature, was declared a nature reserve in 1970. Its area is about 140 thousand hectares. Here, travelers and tourists can see snow-capped mountains and volcanoes, plains, mountain lakes, mysterious caves and much more. This is an ideal place for those who love outdoor activities and seek solitude away from crowds and the noise of the metropolis.

The largest volcanoes of the reserve are Gualatyri with a height of over 6 thousand meters and Akotango.

Lauca National Park, Lauca National Park, Chile Travel Guide

The caves of the National Park hide many mysteries and interesting features. Therefore, in the most famous of them, the caves of Chakus Inkaiko and Las Cuevas, there are thermal springs.

A many of exotic animals live in the park, including vicunas, llamas, alpacas, guanacos, cougars and others. Many of them are not at all afraid of a person, and you can even come closer to photograph them. In total, more than 140 species of birds live in the park and about 400 species of rare plants grow.

Hotels in Lauca National Park

On the territory of Lauca National Park, there are only two hotels. They are located in the eastern part of the park. These are Tomarapi Lodge and Hostal Oasis. These are small but comfortable hotels, which you should book in advance of your trip to the park.

Lauca National Park, Lauca National Park, Chile Travel Guide

Other hotels are located outside the park in Arica-i-Parinacota. Among them:

Shereton Miromor&Couentio: It is the most luxurious hotel in the region. It features a large pool, clean, spacious rooms and stunning views.

Hostal Pablito: This is another great option to host. The simplicity and elegance of the hotel are combined with cleanliness and excellent service.

Lastoria: If you are looking for a more modest and more economical hotel, this is the place for you.