Lima is the capital of Peru. Approximately 10 million of the city’s population. Lima is the political, scientific, cultural and industrial center of Peru. The city, located on the Pacific Ocean, has a stunning natural beauty. The 2,200-year-old ruins of the Inca civilization coexist with the city and amaze visitors with their unsurpassed beauty. Lima is clearly divided topographically. The city consists of 3 main districts. Miraflores district is a luxurious, modern area, where the main business centers are concentrated. The historic district consists of buildings of the colonial period. District Barriada where the slums of Lima. The city has a clear layout, neat and very clean. Let’s start with a description of the tips on where you will begin to discover Lima.

Lima, Lima / Peru

Lima / Peru How to Get there?

Direct flights to Lima are available from Madrid, Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, New York, Mexico City. These flights are the best options for a quick flight. The largest international airport in Lima is Jorge Chavez. You can easily get from the airport to the city center, using the Shuttle service. If you plan to take a taxi, it is advisable to agree on the price before boarding the car. You can walk in Lima on foot or by Bicycle. The city has frequent metro and buses, and linear routes allow easy access to any point.

Lima, Lima / Peru

Information about Lima / Peru

Lima is one of the most beautiful coastal cities in the world. The city was founded by Francisco Pizarro in 1535. Thanks to the Spanish king, Pizarro, the region in a short time became the richest and strongest city. Plan your route to Plaza Mayor, which is considered the heart of Lima, the birthplace of the city. The Plaza mayor was built in the 16th century by the King of Spain Charles I. On the square there are very beautiful buildings such as the government Palace, the Archbishop’s Palace, the magnificent Cathedral of Lima.

The dazzling ornament of the Palace, built in the Baroque style, is the most important building, attracting visitors with its splendor. The San Franciscan monastery has a rare collection of artifacts, preserved to the present time. Still in the monastery has a rich Library of Peruvian History. When you visit Lima, you will see that there are many buildings built by the Spaniards. The best example of Spanish architecture is the Cathedral.

Lima, Lima / Peru

You should visit the museums of Lima and see the rarest objects of the history of Peru, especially the historical monuments of the Inca civilization. In the Museum of Oro del Peru exhibited works of gold, which were made and brought from Spain by the colonists. Imperial insignia, necklaces, earrings and jewelry are worth seeing. The most interesting part of the Museum is probably the hall where skulls are exhibited.

Gold-plated dresses impress people. The Peruvian national Museum exhibits many works of Peruvian history. Near the Museum you can find many shops where you can buy handmade products and Souvenirs. After an eventful day you can enjoy the cuisine of Peru. We especially recommend you to try traditional dishes, which are so popular among tourists.

Accommodation in Lima / Peru

Lima is the largest and most populous city in Peru. Lima has a wide range of options from luxury hotels to affordable hostels. In the Miraflores area you can find accommodation in a very luxurious hotel with an appropriate price level.

Lima, Lima / Peru

Radisson Hotel Decapolis Miraflores: the hotel is located in Miraflores, a 40-minute drive from the airport. It offers an outdoor and indoor pool, sauna, bar and entertainment in the surrounding area.

Hotel Atton San Isidro: with its breathtaking view of Lima, the hotel has the principle of providing its guests with unique service with hospitable staff, good quality, delicious food, sauna, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, comfortable and clean rooms.

We wish You a pleasant stay in Lima Peru.