Many tourists love holidays in Spain. Thanks to a wide excursion program and excellent beaches, the country is one of the five leaders in the world in terms of the number of tourists received. Madrid, as the capital of the Spanish Kingdom, is the keeper of the country’s main and most interesting museums, magnificent palaces and parks, and of course, excellent shopping.

Nevertheless, Madrid is also a lot of entertainment both day and night. In order not to get lost in a huge city and not to miss the most interesting events, read our guide to entertainment in Madrid.

Madrid Festivals

Festivals in Madrid are held regularly, each of them is dedicated to any event. As in most other European countries, the Spanish capital hosts many religious festivals throughout the year. The largest of them are Christmas, Holy Week, Easter and others. During these holidays, the streets of Madrid are filled with people, carnival processions with dances, music and congratulations to each other. Such city festivals are a great opportunity to be acquainted with the culture of the country.

Madrid, Madrid, Spain Entertainment Guide

In addition, other festivals, including international ones, take place in the capital of Spain. The program of events is quite wide: these are art exhibitions, theatrical and musical performances, fairs, dances, circus performances, ballet and of course sports. There are also several children’s festivals in Madrid. As you can see, everyone can find entertainment in the Spanish capital.

All festivals take place throughout the year, the exact dates you can see on the website of the municipality of the city in the events schedule tab.

Madrid Nightlife

Madrid is widely known for its vibrant nightlife and numerous nightclubs and concert halls. In addition, the city has other equally interesting places. For example:

  • Tapas bars
  • Cocktail bars
  • Clubs
  • Jazz hall
  • Live music at various venues
  • Flamenco theaters

The nightlife industry in Madrid is currently undergoing a second development period. New interesting places appear in the city, which instantly become also a tourist attraction. There are always lively and many people.

Among the most famous night clubs in Madrid are:

  • Sala El Sol;

Various parties are held here from electronic music and dancing to comedians. This is one of the oldest clubs in the city. It has been open since 1979. This is a small but cozy club with a stage, in which interesting events take place every evening. For some of them you need to book a place in advance.

Madrid, Madrid, Spain Entertainment Guide

  • Joy Eslava;

This is another highlight of the city. The 19th-century drama theater was transformed into a nightclub. This is the largest club in the Spanish capital, in the hall of which more than 3 thousand people can simultaneously fit.

  • Barco;

At first glance, you may think that this is the most ordinary club of all possible. However, the moment the show starts, you will change your mind about the club. Every night there are fiery flamenco dancing shows in which everyone can take part.