Mahmut Bey Mosque is located in the Turkish province of Kastamonu, in the Daday district. The mosque occupies an important place in the cultural heritage of the country. It will be very interesting to those who stay in Kastamonu and those who are interested in unique architectural monuments.

Mahmut Bey Mosque is a true work of art that has survived to this day. Because of an assessment conducted by the UNESCO World Heritage Center, the mosque received the right to be included on the Temporary World Heritage List.

History of Mahmut Bey Mosque

Mahmut Bey Mosque was built in 1366 by order of Emir Mahmut Bey. The outer walls of the mosque are made of rubble, while the entire interior and the minaret consist entirely of wood. Inside the mosque built three tiers and the roof is made entirely of wood. The design of the mosque did not use a single nail or any other metal parts.

Mahmut Bey Mosque, Mahmut Bey Mosque / Kastamonu, Turkey

One of the most amazing parts of the mosque is the gate. For security reasons and in view of the high historical value of the gate, they were removed and moved to the ethnographic museum of Kastamonu. Now in the mosque you can see an exact copy of the gate. Inside the mosque is decorated with patterns and woodcarvings. The entire interior has been preserved to this day in its original form.

How to get to Mahmut Bey Mosque

The Mahmut Bey Mosque is located just 20 minutes from the city center of Kastamonu. You can get here by taxi or bus, which follows the route Kastamonu Merkezi – Daday. The fare will be about 5 TL.

Mahmut Bey Mosque, Mahmut Bey Mosque / Kastamonu, Turkey

In addition, you can rent a car in Kastamonu. In the center, you can easily find many rental points. Make sure your driver’s license is international and feel free to hit the road.

Nearest hotels to Mahmut Bey Mosque

Kastamonu is located quite far from the main tourist routes. Therefore, local hoteliers are not much spoiled by tourist attention. Therefore, the prices for accommodation here are below the average level, and comfort is sometimes not inferior to 3 and 4 star hotels in other resort towns. Among the nearest hotels to Mahmut Bey Mosque are:

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Mahmut Bey Mosque, Mahmut Bey Mosque / Kastamonu, Turkey

Nearest restaurants to Mahmut Bey Mosque

After a walk around the city and visiting the Mahmut Bey Mosque, you will surely get hungry. You can relax and have a snack in any of the nearest restaurants and cafes. The prices in most of them are quite reasonable, and the choice of dishes is so huge that it will make you suffer before choosing one thing. Among them:

  • Balabanaga Ciftligi
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