Mamure Fortress is perhaps one of the most beautiful fortresses on the entire Mediterranean coast. At the same time, it is the best-preserved and largest fortress in Turkey. From the Middle Ages to the present day preserved towers, city walls, loopholes, lighthouse, hammam (Turkish bath), courtyard and a mosque. The total area of ​​the fortress is about 20,000 square meters, and the total length of the walls is about 600 meters. The south side of the fortress is located on the Mediterranean coast. From here you can enjoy stunning views, and there is a great beach nearby.

Mamure fortress served the armies of various ancient states for 5 centuries. Among them were the Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks, Armenians, Ottomans and others. Today, the fortress is an interesting open-air museum where every tourist visiting Turkey should come.

History of Mamure Fortress

That Mamure fortress, which we see today, was built in the 12th century during the Seljuks. Until that time, the first fortifications on the site were laid by the Romans, later they were used by the Byzantines, Armenians, and Crusaders. Now it is not known for certain what the fort looked like before its restructuring. In the 14th century, a mosque and a hamam were built on the territory of the fortress. And in the 15m, the Ottomans who came in only slightly changed the appearance of the fortress to the one we see today.

Mamure Fortress, Mamure Fortress / Mersin, Turkey

At all times, the fortress was of extreme strategic importance. However, closer to the 18th century it became irrelevant, and the Ottomans increasingly began to use the fortress as a caravanserai (a place of stay and rest for merchants and travelers).

Mamure fortress is open as an open-air museum from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. The entrance to the fortress is paid – about 5 TL ($ 1).

How to get to Mamure Fortress?

Mamure fortress is located on the Mediterranean coast in the Turkish province of Mersin near the town of Anamur. You can get to the fortress along the D400 highway on any regular bus that goes along the Antalya-Mersin / Adana / Gaziantep route and others. The nearest airport to the fortress is located in Antalya. There, in the airport terminal, you can easily find a rental car if you want to travel more freely.

You can also get to Mamure fortress from the city of Anamur. To do this, you need to take a dolmus (mini-bus), following the route to Bozyazi. Skip the fortress is impossible, you will definitely see it in the direction of travel. And after the request, the bus driver will easily drop you off at the right place.

Mamure Fortress, Mamure Fortress / Mersin, Turkey

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Mamure Fortress, Mamure Fortress / Mersin, Turkey

Nearest restaurants to Mamure Fortress

After a long walk you can get hungry. In this case, the nearest restaurants to Mamure Fortress will gladly offer you national Turkish drinks and dishes.

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