Mersin is of great interest in terms of tourism. The city is located in southern Turkey, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The city has an important role in the Turkish economy and is currently the largest port in Turkey. Tourists usually use it during excursions to Cyprus.

The history of Mersin begins approximately in the 7th millennium BC. During the archaeological excavations in the vicinity of the city, more than 20 cultural layers belonging to different periods were found. The city was repeatedly mentioned in various ancient legends and tales. The Turks themselves call Mersin the pearl of the Mediterranean.

Mersin is not only a beach holiday, but also a region with a rich cultural and historical heritage of different civilizations. Make your own travel plan to Mersin. And to make your task easier, use our guide to the most interesting sights in Mersin.

Mersin How to get there?

The nearest airport to the city is located in the city of Adana, about 75 km t of Mersin. The airport serves both local and international flights. To Mersin from the airport can be reached by bus or train.

Mersin, Mersin, Turkey Travel Guide

You can also get to Mersin by train. Trains depart daily from Istanbul, Ankara, Adana, Tarsus, Hatay and Gaziantep.

Buses from almost all cities of Turkey depart daily to Mersin. The bus from Istanbul or Izmir will take about 12 hours, from Ankara – 6 hours.

Mersin Travel Guide

Cennet and Cehennem Cokukleri (Heaven and Hell Caves)

The Heaven and Hell caves are located about 2 km from the D400 road in the area of ​​the village Narlikuyu. Next, to get to the caves will have to climb all the time uphill about 2 km. Once upstairs, you have a choice: go to Heaven left or hell to right. Entrance to the Hell and Heaven caves is paid, save the ticket, you will need it 2 times.

Mersin, Mersin, Turkey Travel Guide

Hell is a dip in a rock 120 meters deep and 50 m in diameter. It was formed as a result of erosion and sedimentation of rocks. Going down this well without special equipment will not work. Therefore, tourists can only inspect the entrance to the cave. But Paradise is quite accessible and anyone can enter here. The main distinguishing feature of Paradise is the lush vegetation in the cave, in contrast to the bare black stone walls in Hell.

Yumuktepe Hoyugu (Mound Yumuktepe)

Mound Yumuktepe is one of the oldest settlements in the territory of Anatolia. Date of origin of the settlement of scientists attributed to 7000 BC. It is believed that the mound plays a key role in the spread of agriculture and tools from Anatolia to Europe. Samples of the first wheat, olives and bread were found here. In addition, ruins of ancient houses were found in the mound. The excavation in the mound continues to this day. Scientists are confident that the study of the mound will shed light on many unknown facts of history belonging to Anatolian geography.

Mersin, Mersin, Turkey Travel Guide

Mersin Marina (Mersin seafront)

Mersin seafront is located on Adnan Menderes Boulevard. The total length of the seafront is several tens of km. More than 1,000 yachts can park at local piers. The seafront is a popular place for meetings, shopping and entertainment with locals and tourists. This place is ideal for people of all ages with its magnificent views and restaurants for every taste and budget.