Meteora Monasteries in Greece is one of the most amazing and recognizable landmarks of the country. In addition, it is the largest monastic complex in Greece. Translated from the Greek “Meteora” means literally “floating in the air” and it fully conveys the picture that will appear before you at the moment you arrive here. The fact is that monasteries are located on the tops of steep cliffs, where, it seems, only birds can get. In 1988, this Greek miracle was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

How to get to Meteora Monasteries

Meteora Monasteries are located on the cliff tops in the Thessaly Valley, in northern Greece. You can reach them from any part of the country, since in any case you will need to transfer in the city of Kalambaka, which is the nearest settlement to the monasteries. From Athens and Thessaloniki, you can take a train or bus. The fastest way to the monasteries is from the Aegean coast. There, in the hotel, you can buy an organized tour with a guide and transfer.

Meteora Monasteries, Meteora Monasteries, Greece Travel Guide

Information about Meteora Monasteries

The number of Meteora Monasteries includes eight existing Orthodox monasteries, of which only six are open for tourists. All of them are located on the tops of cliffs at an altitude of 400 to 600 meters at sea level. Such a unique location is associated not only with the possibility of being closer to the sky, and therefore to God, but also with simple security needs. It was possible to get to the monastery only by rope ladders, which descended from above, and this greatly hampered local brigand’s access to the monasteries.

Meteora Monasteries, Meteora Monasteries, Greece Travel Guide

The history of monasteries on the rocks began around 950–970. During this period, construction began on the first monastery, which was named the Great Meteora or the Transfiguration Monastery. As you can easily guess, the construction was not easy. Due to limited access, all building materials climbed to the top of the cliff using a complex rope system. Looking at the majestic monasteries today, it amazes how much labor and effort the monks cost their construction.

Hotels in Meteora Monasteries

The nearest hotels to the Meteora Monasteries you can find in the cities of Kastraki or Kalambaka. Here is a short list of hotels where you can comfortably stay. Among them there are both budget options and quite luxurious with stunning views of the cliffs.

Meteora Monasteries, Meteora Monasteries, Greece Travel Guide

  • Guesthouse PAPASTATHIS
  • Doupiani House Hotel
  • Hotel kastraki
  • San giorgio villa
  • Archontiko Mesohori Hotel
  • Tsikeli Hotel
  • Grand meteora hotel
  • lithos guesthouse & taverna
  • Theatro Hotel Odysseon
  • Zozas rooms
  • Rex Hotel Kalambaka