Miami is a huge metropolis in the state of Florida in the USA, located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. This is the most important financial and economic center of the country. However, most people know this city due to its excellent beaches, surfing, clubs, restaurants and trendy shops.

For many, Miami has become synonymous with entertainment. Both the Americans themselves and foreign tourists equally love this city. The most colorful festivals and parties are held here. Read more in our entertainment guide in Miami.

Miami Festivals

Miami hosts perhaps the most colorful festivals in America. Moreover, the mood of people and beautiful nature allows you to celebrate on a large scale. Festivals attract many tourists and at the same time give their guests a pleasant pastime.

One of the main festivals of the city is Art Deco Weekend, which will be held in January. The main place at the festival is given to art and music events in which anyone can take part.

Miami, Miami, USA Entertainment Guide

Food Network South Beach is a food and wine festival held in February. The festival is attended by some of the most famous chefs in the United States, offering a variety of dishes prepared by them. Seminars and trainings are also held as part of the festival, and at the end, winners are awarded.

In addition, other festivals also take place in Miami. Among some of them:

  • Parade in honor of Martin Luther King (January);
  • Lifetime Miami Marathon (February);
  • Coconut Grove Art Festival (February);
  • International Boat Show (February);
  • International Film Festival (March);
  • Ultra Music Festival (March);
  • Winter Music Conference (March).

Miami Nightlife

Miami is one of the largest cities in the world with the most vibrant and interesting nightlife. A huge number of clubs and bars for every taste and budget will not leave you any chance to get bored in this huge city. There are many different places where first-class DJs perform and where the hottest parties by the pool or on the beach take place. Entertainment here continues uninterrupted, and it seems that it has become an integral part of the life of citizens and visitors.

Miami, Miami, USA Entertainment Guide

We’ll warn you that it’s not going to be easy to stop because clubs and bars offer Happy Hour parties every night. The most popular party venues in Miami include Purdy Lounge, Skybar, Shore Club and Magic City. This is only a small part of the nightclubs where you can have fun.

On the other hand, many places in the city offer an alternative to pop music. There are punk clubs, jazz, electro, life, blues and many others. Churchill Pub is one of the most famous pubs. Another no less interesting place is Blackbird Ordinary. The bar menu and program will appeal to many. Miami’s bars and pubs often feature live performances by musicians, artists, illusionists, and dance groups. So you definitely won’t get bored.