Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay. The name of the city comes from the Portuguese “monte videeu”, which means “I see a mountain”. The population of Montevideo, Uruguay’s largest city, is growing rapidly every year. The capital is an important trade, educational, financial, cultural and tourist center of the country.

Montevideo, Montevideo Travel Guide / Uruguay

In the warm, temperate climate of Uruguay reveals all the beauty of its lush nature. We recommend visiting Montevideo in November and March, when rains are most rare. In addition to the natural beauty of the capital of Uruguay impresses with a wide range of entertainment and nightlife. Especially interesting are the various festivals of Montevideo. This salsa and dance shows in colorful costumes, and of course people having fun on the street day and night.

Montevideo / Uruguay how to get there?

No visa is required to visit Montevideo. A direct flight to the capital of Uruguay from the European part of the globe can take about 15 hours. You can also use connecting flights with transfers in Turkey or Argentina. From Montevideo airport, you can easily and quickly get to the city by bus.

Montevideo, Montevideo Travel Guide / Uruguay

Information about Montevideo / Uruguay

Uruguay was discovered by the Spanish in the 16th century. The capital was founded in 1726. Uruguay, which had been fighting for independence for many years, was now the most economically and politically independent country in South America.

Montevideo has its own spirit. In the architecture of the city the past and the future merge together. Artists and dancers perform beautiful performances, salsa and tango, leaving the tourists unforgettable memories.

Montevideo, Montevideo Travel Guide / Uruguay

The starting point of your trip in the capital of Uruguay should be Independence Square. The square was designed in 1830 by Carlo Zucca in the style of the Parisian Rivoli street. Here are concentrated the main attractions of Montevideo. Small Souvenirs can be bought in the streets adjacent to the square.

The Solis theatre is striking in its historic architecture. You should also look at the Cathedral. The elegance of architecture, calm, peaceful atmosphere will hide you from the hustle and bustle.

Montevideo, Montevideo Travel Guide / Uruguay

Ciudad Vieja is the old district of Montevideo. The most beautiful night clubs of the city are in here. Traditional international and Uruguayan cuisine is served in Mercado del Puerto. Try the grilled steaks are called Churrasco. The architecture of the local buildings will amaze you when you walk in the area. So, Palacio Salvo was designed by Italian architect Mario Palati. The building, which is popular with tourists, has a height of 100 meters. The building is currently used as an office and business center.

Montevideo beaches are as interesting as historical sites. Don’t end your holiday without visiting the beach Pocitos and enjoy them. The perfect sea, with its impeccable beach, will impress you.

Accommodation in Montevideo / Uruguay

In Uruguay Montevideo, about 500 hotels, boutique hotels, guest houses offer a variety of accommodation options according to your preferences. Although tourists tend to prefer hotels located inside and around the city center because of the proximity to the beaches. We will also recommend hotels in other areas of Montevideo.

Montevideo, Montevideo Travel Guide / Uruguay

Hotel Klee: is located in the center of the city. In addition to the location, which provides easy access to the city, it also offers comfortable rooms. Understanding the concept of quality of service in this hotel is the reason for his choice.

Olivia Luxury Hotel Montevideo: the hotel is one of the best luxury hotels. A terrace, an elegant garden, comfortable rooms, a fitness center, a swimming pool, a sauna are offered to the guests of this hotel.

My Suites Boutique Hotel & Wine Bar: boutique hotel in the heart of Pocitos. At this hotel in Montevideo you can easily and quickly get from the airport and back. You will like this hotel if you prefer a perfect beach holiday and delicious cuisine.

We wish You a pleasant stay in Montevideo, Uruguay.