Montreal is the largest city in the Canadian province of Quebec. It is also the country’s second largest city after Toronto. The city has many ancient buildings, train stations, museums, cathedrals and picturesque parks. However, in addition to a rich excursion program, Montreal is ready to offer its guests a variety of entertainment for every taste. Read more about this in our Montreal Entertainment Guide.

Montreal Festivals

Festivals in Montreal is always a long-awaited and vibrant event that attracts the attention of most residents of North America. Some of the festivals have been held for several decades and have gained worldwide fame. A great example of this is the famous International Jazz Festival (June), which is attended by musicians from around the world. This is, without exaggeration, the largest festival; it even enters the Guinness Book of Records. The festival usually lasts at least ten days, the main celebrations are held in the Old City.

Other interesting events are held in Montreal, attracting the attention of hundreds of tourists. For example, the MUTEK festival, held in August. The event shows a mix of audiovisual art and electronic music. The Quartier des Spectacles is becoming one large venue for music concerts.

Montreal, Montreal, Canada Entertainment Guide

In June, a major sporting event, the Canadian Grand Prix, takes place in Montreal. This is an important stage in the “Formula 1”. Fans of colorful spectacles at this time fill the city, but those who did not succeed can cling to the TV screens. By the way, a car race often breaks records in television ratings. The guest of honor of the festival is the legendary Michael Schumacher, who won the race seven times.

Montreal Nightlife

Montreal’s nightlife does not stop for a single night at any time of the year. There are parties that last several nights in a row, and it seems that they are endless. In the city of bars and pubs and of course crowds of tourists who are happy to visit them. The Plateau and St. Catherine Street districts are some of the city’s busiest areas. Those who enjoy more relaxed entertainment will easily find jazz clubs, cozy bars and restaurants in the Old Montreal area.

Montreal, Montreal, Canada Entertainment Guide

Among the most popular nightclubs and bars of the city, you can mark:

  • Stereo AfterHours
  • Circus HD
  • Club La Boom
  • Lamouche Boîte de nuit
  • Copacabana
  • Club Electric Avenue
  • Le Belmont sur le Boulevard
  • Upstairs Jazz Club
  • Maison du Jazz

As in any other metropolis, in Montreal you can buy a tour of the best city bars. This is a great opportunity to visit the best entertainment places in the city in one night. Those who do not like noisy parties can go to a sports bar, of which there are many people in the city. In addition, in Montreal you can also visit the world famous Cirque du Soleil. The impressions that you will receive after the visit will remain in your memory for a long time.