Do you want to go abroad and visit the natural beauty place of different countries? If your answer to this question is “yes”, then we know what place you might like – Mount Roraima / Venezuela, located in the midst of dense greenery. We recommend this place because it is favorably different from other similar natural places in the world. Mount Roraima is a quartz mountain. Millions of years ago, when all the continents of the earth were one, the formation of this great mountain began. How to get there? And where can you stay? We found the answers to these questions for you, just keep reading.

Mount Roraima, Mount Roraima in Venezuela

Mount Roraima in Venezuela How to Get There?

You can get to Venezuela on a direct flight from France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, USA and other countries. Citizens of some countries may need a visa to enter Venezuela. Please check this information in the visa application center or consulate before purchasing air tickets.

Mount Roraima, Mount Roraima in Venezuela

Information about Mount Roraima / Venezuela

Mount Roraima is not like other mountains. According to various estimates, it began to be formed millions of years ago, after the African continent separated from modern South America and the ocean’s waters filled the entire space between them. Thanks to natural processes and a huge amount of time, soft soil was first subjected to erosion, then to the effects of water and winds and finally turned into the stone layer after layer. As a result of these natural events, a quartz mountain was formed. Usually such mountains are rather low. Nevertheless, Mount Roraima in Venezuela – the highest quartz mountain in the world with a height of 2810 meters.

Mount Roraima, Mount Roraima in Venezuela

The structure of the mountain consists of a very solid quartz stone. This giant mountain looks as if someone sawed a piece of mountain or a mountain was created by a man. However, Mount Roraima is only a natural phenomenon, the result of natural processes after millions of years. In addition, the fact that many waterfalls are on top of this mountain is also an interesting natural phenomenon. Scientists still cannot fully understand how the mountain and waterfalls were formed. A variety of caves and tunnels inside the mountains and animals living on the slopes of the mountain even astonished scientists. Today, Mount Roraima is not only a tourist place, but also a rich material for studying for biologists, geologists and other scientists.

Mount Roraima, Mount Roraima in Venezuela

Animals and plants that grow and inhabit here are the only species that live only on this mountain. So, you will not see the beings you saw before. This huge and mysterious mountain really shocked those who went here. In the middle of the Amazon jungle, the Roraima mountain looks like somebody was leveling its slopes with sandpaper. This place still remains one of the most mysterious and poorly studied places in the world. Therefore, this mountain is called a “lost world”. If you can see this mountain from a bird’s-eye view, you will realize that you have added a few more unforgettable moments to your life.

Mount Roraima / Venezuela Accommodation

If you are in Venezuela and are looking for a hotel not far from Mount Roraima, here are some tips.

Venezuela Marriot Hotel: this is a 5-star hotel with a beautiful view of the pool. There are clean rooms and an excellent restaurant.

Mount Roraima, Mount Roraima in Venezuela

Renaissence Caracas La Caste: This hotel is one of the most attractive accommodation centers in Venezuela. The hotel is very clean and very luxurious. We recommend that you stay here if your budget is limited.

Li Datel Boutige Margerita: This hotel is also one of the five-star hotels in Venezuela. This is very popular among visitors. Due to its services and cleanliness, it attracts all attention. It has a swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, parking and courteous staff.

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