Holidays in Turkey is not only an excellent beach holiday, sun and sea, but also a wide excursion program. Moreover, even far from the main and most popular tourist routes, you can easily find several dozens of interesting sights. These include the Mudurnu Clock Tower, which is located in the small town of Mudurnu in the Turkish province of Bolu. Foreign tourists here are rare guests, but in vain. Because in Bolu there are beautiful places and interesting sights, unique national parks and great opportunities for outdoor activities.

History of Mudurnu Clock Tower

The construction of the Mudurnu Clock Tower began in 1890. As a suitable place for the tower, a hillside was chosen in the eastern part of the town of Mudurnu. A year after the start of construction, the tower was already ready, but the joy of the new items was short-lived. After 9 years, the clock tower, completely made of wood, burned to the ground during a city fire.

Only in 1905, the hands of local prisoners rebuilt the tower. This time it was built of stones to prevent the risk of fire. In the same period, the local watchmaker made the dial and watch mechanism, which you can see today. Only later, the tower was again lined with wood and acquired a modern look.

Mudurnu Clock Tower, Mudurnu Clock Tower, Bolu / Turkey

The Mudurnu Clock Tower is a square prism. The width of each side of the tower is 3.80 meters. Its height is about 12 meters. There is a bell on the tower that rings every full hour. The weight of the bell is about 185 kilograms.

How to get to Mudurnu Clock Tower

The easiest way to get to the Mudurnu Clock Tower is from the center of Bolu. Travel time will be a little more than 40 minutes. You can use the bus (at the station, choose the one that goes to Mudurnu). This is one of the most budget, but a bit troublesome options. The easiest, but also the most expensive way is to take a taxi. You can also rent a car in Bolu. This is a great option for those who have an international driving license.

In Mudurnu itself, it will easy for you to find the clock tower. It will be difficult for you to get lost in this small town. There are special signs on the streets to help tourists.

Mudurnu Clock Tower, Mudurnu Clock Tower, Bolu / Turkey

Nearest hotels to Mudurnu Clock Tower

Mudurnu is a small city in which you rarely meet foreign tourists. However, this has its advantages: in local hotels, there are always free rooms. Here is a short list of the closest hotels to Mudurnu Clock Tower:

  • Melek Hotels
  • Degirmenyeri Dag Evleri
  • Fuat Beyler Konagi
  • Keyvanlar Konagi
  • Yariskasi Hotel

Mudurnu Clock Tower, Mudurnu Clock Tower, Bolu / Turkey

Nearest restaurants to Mudurnu Clock Tower

The nearest restaurants and cafes to the Mudurnu Clock Tower offer guests of the city excellent food and drinks at very reasonable prices. Among them:

  • Meram Restoran
  • Kanaat Lokantasi
  • Mengen Lokantasi
  • Ay Yemek
  • Mudurnu Yemek