Mugla is located in southwestern Turkey on the Aegean and Mediterranean seas. This city is decorated with the warmth of the sun, the blue of the sea and the green of nature. Mugla is one of the main tourist regions of Turkey, which annually receives thousands of both local and foreign tourists.

The first settlements on the territory of the modern city date back to 3400 BC. One of the oldest settlements, which is known at the moment, was Ancient Karya. According to scholars, the Karians were indigenous to this region, and for a short period of time they were subject to invasions by many different peoples. They fought with Assyrian, Egyptian, Hellenistic and Scythian troops for supremacy in the region.

Mugla, Mugla, Turkey Travel Guide

The most interesting sights in Mugla

The city of Mugla with its historical and cultural heritage has many interesting sights. Here you can see the original Turkey with its magnificent historical buildings. If you leave aside the historical and cultural monuments, this city will amaze you with its natural beauty and hospitable people. Make up your personal travel plan for Mugla. This will help you our brief information about the most interesting sights.

Konaklati Hani (19th century hotel)

Konaklati Hani is a simple but impressive place. It was built in the 19th century for seasonal workers and merchants who come to work in the city. On the first floor there were shops, stables, warehouses. On the second floor there were living rooms. The building is built entirely of wood and painted white.

Mugla, Mugla, Turkey Travel Guide

Kursunlu Mosque (Lead Mosque)

The Kursunlu Mosque is a magnificent monument of Ottoman architecture. The mosque was built in 1493 and renovated in 1900, at the request of Serif Efendi. The mosque is located on the street Kursunlu Cd. Inside you can freely go at any time. To visit the mosque, choose the right clothes: closed legs, shoulders, women need a headscarf. It is forbidden to enter the mosque in shoes with open fingers.

Mugla, Mugla, Turkey Travel Guide

Masadag (Table Mountain)

Walk to this mountain can be made on foot directly from the city center. Just follow the signs on the road. Leaving the city, you will see red and white signs at regular intervals along the trail. From the mountain there is a wonderful panoramic view of the city, and the entrance here is free. On the way to the mountain you will also see the rock tombs of ancient civilizations.

Mugla, Mugla, Turkey Travel Guide

Yagcılar Hani (Carpet Caravan Museum)

The museum is located in the center of the Old Town. Strictly speaking, this is not so much a museum as an exhibition and sale of fine carpet weaving samples. The fair is located in the building of an ancient caravanserai of the 19th century and is open all year round. The museum is located on the street Kursunlu Cd. Entry is free, but the price of carpets is quite high.

Mugla, Mugla, Turkey Travel Guide