Military battles of Turkey at all times is a matter of pride and honor for every citizen of this country. That is why, you can see with what attention and care in Turkey belong to the monuments of war. The World War I and the Battle of Canakkale related to it, in which both sides suffered enormous human losses, was no exception. Namazgah Bastion retained the traces of that war in order to fully describe to the posterity the history and price of that war.

Namazgah Bastion also called Roumeli Aziziye. This is a huge museum complex, which tells about the battles on the front of Gallipoli during the First World War.

History of Namazgah Bastion

Namazgah Bastion appeared during the reign of Sultan Abdul-Aziz and then had the name Roumeli Aziziye. This place gained its present glory during the First World War. Here the Turkish soldiers held Friday prayers before the decisive battle.

During the battle of Canakkale, the bastion became one of the most important defensive points of the Dardanelles. In the center of the bastion, there were 2 artillery regiments and 16 coastal guns. Of these, 14 were melee cannons, and two were used as anti-aircraft guns of that period.

Namazgah Bastion, Namazgah Bastion / Canakkale, Turkey

The bastion was reconstructed in 2005-2006 and opened to the public on March 18, 2006. You can visit the bastion any day, except Sunday, from 8 am to 6 pm.

How to get to Namazgah Bastion

To get to Namazgah Bastion, you first need to get to Canakkale ferry pier. Since the bastion is located on the opposite side in the Kilitbahir area. Through the Dardanelles Strait on the ferry, you will get to Kilitbahir ferry pier. From here, you can get to the bastion by taxi or minibus (dolmus), which ply here regularly. The bastion from the pier can be reached on foot. Many people choose this way in order to feel at least a little bit of the experiences and environment of that battle.

Namazgah Bastion, Namazgah Bastion / Canakkale, Turkey

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Namazgah Bastion, Namazgah Bastion / Canakkale, Turkey

Nearest restaurants to Namazgah Bastion

The range of restaurants and cafes near Namazgah Bastion is much larger. Here and small eateries and cafes, and quite decent restaurants with beautiful views of the strait. An even larger selection of restaurants awaits you in Canakkale, where you will arrive 20 minutes later by ferry. Among them:

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