Naples is, perhaps, one of the most paradoxical, but therefore it is a very interesting, Italian city. The city is located right at the foot of Vesuvius volcano, which was once the cause of many tragedies. But today, the life of the city successfully combines the historical architecture and street markets, expensive boutiques and strict religiosity, the roaring motors of mopeds and the silence of city parks. All this, as well as the most beautiful views of the embankment of the Gulf of Naples and the active nightlife attract millions of tourists here every year.

Among other things, Naples offers a rich excursion program. The history of the city has more than 2800 years. The city was founded by the Greeks and still keeps the traces of ancient civilizations. And the whole historical center of the city is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Naples, Italy How to get there?

The most obvious way to get to Naples is by air. Kapodichino International Airport daily serves hundreds of flights from different cities and countries of the world. The international airport is just 4 km from the city center, allowing you to easily get there. You can take a bus, shuttle or taxi.

Another fairly popular way to get to Naples is by rail. However, this option will be convenient only to those tourists who depart from other Italian cities. There are no direct trains from other European countries to Naples. You can get here only with transfers.

Naples, Naples, Italy Travel Guide

As for urban transport, it is developed quite well. You can easily take buses, trolley buses, trams, subways and cable cars.

Sights in Naples, Italy

Naples can be called a real open-air museum. This city has a very special flavor, combining the turbulent life of modern Italians and the deep history of the country. City is not only a beach resort, but also amazing sights, both man-made and natural.

Perhaps one of the most important and recognizable sights of the city can be considered the Vesuvius volcano. The ruins of the ancient city of Pompeii, almost completely destroyed after the eruption of the volcano, are of great interest and provide hundreds of amazing exhibits for local museums.

Naples, Naples, Italy Travel Guide

The historic center of the city is one big attraction. Baroque architecture amazes the newly arrived tourists. The number of tourist objects exceeds all imaginable limits. Judge for yourself: only churches in the city, there are more than 400 pieces. Add to this the catacombs under the city, medieval castles, ancient tombs, and much more. Be sure that it will take you a long time to explore at least some of the sights of Naples.

Hotels in Naples, Italy

Hotels in Naples offer different types of accommodation for every taste and budget. The most expensive hotels are located on the waterfront of the Gulf of Naples. Those who love luxury and designer interiors will easily find a suitable room here.

Naples, Naples, Italy Travel Guide

Hotels in the historic center of the city is a great option for those who want to devote vacation to sightseeing. The prices for a room here range from high to medium level (from 70 to 200 euros).

The cheapest hotels in Naples are located in the center near the railway station and Piazza Garibaldi. The average price per night is from 30 euros per room.