Nemrut Dag Mountain is located in the Turkish province of Adiyaman, in the east of the country. This is an ancient mountain that holds many secrets, some of which have not yet been solved. Local and foreign tourists often come here to see with their own eyes the stone heads of the statues and the stone tombs of the ancient king.

Since 1987, Nemrut Dag Mountain has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. At an altitude of 2150 meters above sea level, there are ancient tombs, stone statues of people and animals, the ruins of ancient temples and unique landscapes.

History of Nemrut Dag Mountain

For the first time a stone statue on Nemrut Dag Mountain was discovered in 1881 by geologist from Germany Karl Sester. However, serious archaeological excavations on Nemrut Mount began only in the middle of the 20th century.

According to historical sources, Nemrut Dag Mountain in the 2nd century BC was located on the territory of the ancient kingdom of Kommagen. King Antiochus I created on the mountain a sanctuary in honor of himself, naming himself God. Thus, Nemrut Dag Mountain became the center of worship for the new religion created by the king. At the same time, construction of temples and shrines began here. However, the construction was never completed due to the death of the king. And the unfinished sanctuary became the tomb of King Antiochus.

Nemrut Dag Mountain, Nemrut Dag Mountain / Adiyaman, Turkey

The top of the mountain is conventionally divided into three terraces – western, eastern and northern. On each of them are stone statues of the gods. Stone heads are separated from the statues due to the ravages of time and earthquakes.

How to get to Nemrut Dag Mountain?

Nemrut Dag Mountain is located far from popular tourist routes, beaches and the sea. However, this does not diminish the significance of this unique attraction of Turkey. You can get here in several ways. However, keep in mind that whatever way you choose, you will have to walk from the foot of the mountain to the top. Therefore, in advance, take care of comfortable clothing and shoes.

So, the closest city to Nemrut is Kahta, located 24 kilometers away. From here you can get to the mountain by taxi.

You can get to the city of Kahta by direct buses from Adiyaman, Malatya, Urfa and Kayseri. In addition, there are airports in Adiyaman and Malatya. They are small and serve only domestic flights.

Nemrut Dag Mountain, Nemrut Dag Mountain / Adiyaman, Turkey

The easiest way to get to Nemrut Dag Mountains is to buy a tour at any of the tourist offices or at hotels in Adiyaman. As a rule, the price of the tour already includes a transfer to the mountain and back. You can buy as an individual excursion, and as part of a group.

Nearest hotels to Nemrut Dag Mountain

Visiting Nemrut Dag mountain, you cannot worry about your accommodation. In the vicinity of the mountain you can easily find hotels and guesthouses for every taste and price. For you to choose hotels in Adiyaman, Kahta, or the nearest village Karadut.

  • Hotel Euphrat
  • Karadut Pansiyon Nemrut
  • Grand İsias Otel
  • Hilton Garden Inn Adiyaman
  • Samos Otel

Nemrut Dag Mountain, Nemrut Dag Mountain / Adiyaman, Turkey

Nearest restaurants to Nemrut Dag Mountain

After a long walk in the mountains of Nemrut Dag, you can relax and have a snack at the nearest restaurants and cafes. Among them:

  • Nemrut Cesme Pansiyon Restoran
  • Sultan Saray Restoran
  • Kahta Sofra Restoran
  • Papatya Restoran
  • Akropolian Restoran