New Providence Island is the heart of the Bahamas. Here are the best beaches and bays, the most luxurious hotels and shopping centers, the best diving centers and luxury casinos. Most of the country’s population lives on the island and the capital of the Bahamas, the city of Nassau, is located here. The island is equally loved both among the local population, and among tourists who prefer to spend their holidays here.

The total area of ​​the island is small, but it is more than enough to accommodate not only the capital, but also numerous beaches, bays and even national parks. New Providence is famous for interesting sights, luxury hotels, excellent infrastructure, rich nightlife and unlimited opportunities for recreation and entertainment.

How to get to  New Providence Island?

You can get to New Providence Island very easily. Directly on the island is Linden Pindling International Airport (Nassau Airport), which receives flights from the cities of the USA, Canada, Cuba, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and the United Kingdom.

The airport is located just 20 minutes from the center of the capital. You can get there by taxi or shuttle.

New Providence,Bahamas, New Providence, Bahamas Travel Guide

Alternatively, you can get to New Providence Island on a cruise ship from Miami. This option is suitable for those who are in no hurry and have 4-5 days left. That is how much an average cruise lasts. In addition, this option cannot be called a budget one, the cost of a ticket for one person is from $ 500.

Things to do in New Providence Island

The main attraction of the island of New Providence is the beaches and clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean, washing the coast. For this, hundreds of thousands of tourists arrive on the island annually. The peak of the tourist season falls on the period from September to May, when the island does not have sweltering heat and a lot of rainfall.

Cable Beach is considered one of the best beaches not only on the island, but throughout the Caribbean. Among the largest beaches on the south coast are South Ocean Beach. Next to it are the largest golf courses. On the east coast is Jaw`s Beach on the shores of the beautiful Clifton Bay. Nearby there is a yacht club and a place for mooring of yachts and boats.

New Providence,Bahamas, New Providence, Bahamas Travel Guide

Near New Providence, the most popular diving sites are Balmoral Island and Coral Reefs at Reisorback and Clifton Wall. Right across the coast are the islands of North Cay and Long Cay, which are a great place for snorkelling and fishing.

If you want to know about the culture and history of the island, go to the capital of Nassau. Many sights of the 17-18th century have been preserved here.

Lovers of outdoor activities can visit the island’s National Parks: Retreat, Bonfish Pond or Ardastra Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Center.

New Providence,Bahamas, New Providence, Bahamas Travel Guide