Nicaragua is known as a country of lakes and volcanoes. The state capital is Managua. There are many natural attractions in the country. For example, lake Nicaragua is the largest lake in Central America. Locals call this lake Cocibolca, which means “Sweet Sea”. There are hundreds of islands in this lake, the largest of which is Ometepe Island. The lake is known as the only freshwater lake inhabited by ocean animals such as sharks, swordfish and tarpon.

Managua, Nicaragua | Managua

Nicaragua | Managua How to Get There?

Direct flights to Nicaragua are from the USA, Canada, El Salvador, Panama, Costa Rica and Mexico. In Managua is located the main airport of the country, where all international flights arrive. Airport Augusto Cesar Sandino is located near the city. From the airport to the center is better to take a taxi. In addition, right in the airport building, you can also rent a car or use the passenger shuttle service from the airport to the city center and back.

Managua, Nicaragua | Managua

Information about Nicaragua | Managua

Nicaragua is one of the countries with the lowest crime rates in Central America, where very friendly people live. The capital of the country, the city of Managua, is located in the forests on the edge of the lake. The official language is Spanish. The currency used is Nicaraguan Cordoba. However, in the calculations can also be freely used the US dollar.

Nicaragua, the largest country in Central America. The country is adjacent to Costa Rica and Honduras in the north. The western borders of the country are surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, and the eastern – by the Caribbean Sea. The country has a warm and humid climate. The best time to travel to Nicaragua and Managua is from November to April, when there is less rainfall.

Managua, Nicaragua | Managua

In addition to seeing and visiting the main attractions of Managua, you can enjoy various water sports here. For lovers of outdoor activities in Nicaragua there are excellent opportunities for surfing, windsurfing, sailing, diving and much more. As for other interesting places in Nicaragua, this is the tourist city of Leon, volcanoes, waterfalls, the nature of the island of Ometepe, San Juan del Sur.

Local bus transportation between cities is developed quite well. Managua is the country’s main transportation hub. From here it is easy to reach every corner of the country. In traditional Nicaraguan cuisine, there is a noticeable influence from other countries. In the dishes acquire vegetables, legumes, rice and meat.

Managua, Nicaragua | Managua

Nicaragua | Managua Accommodation

Here are some hotels in Managua that we can recommend to you.

Best Western Las Mercedes: The hotel is 100 meters from Managua International Airport and 50 meters from the airport bus stop. The hotel has 2 outdoor pools, a restaurant serving international cuisine, as well as the Snack Pool Mango Bar and Snook Pool Tanino Bar. The hotel also has a gift shop, 5 ballrooms. Airport transfers are provided free of charge. The hotel is 5 km from Pharaoh’s Casino and a 15-minute drive from downtown Managua. Tipitapa River is a 20-minute drive away.

Managua, Nicaragua | Managua

Camino Real Managua: The hotel is just 3 minutes ’drive from Managua International Airport. The hotel offers free airport transfers, an outdoor pool and a casino. The hotel’s spa includes a gym, steam room and sauna. You can enjoy meals and drinks at the Las Palmerası’s poolside snack bar. You can also rent a car at the 24-hour reception.

Airport X Managua: The hotel offers pet friendly accommodation in Managua. Guests can enjoy the on-site bar. There is a 24-hour front desk, a business center and a gift shop. A continental breakfast is available for all types of accommodation. The staff provides registration and check-in guests 24 hours a day. The airport is just 3 minutes away.