Odemis Bozdag camp is a place with one of the most impressive natural landscapes in Turkey. The camp is located in the beautiful area of Izmir – Odemis. Camping is ideal for those who cannot imagine their lives without outdoor recreation.

Odemis Bozdag camp offers excellent camping in Turkey in any season. In summer, spring and autumn, this is a regular campground. And in winter there are excellent opportunities for winter sports. Not far from the camp in winter, the ski center is open.

Odemis Bozdag Camp / Izmir, how to get there?

Odemis Bozdag Camp is located in one of the districts of Izmir. The easiest and fastest way to get to the camp is by plane. Adnan Menderes Airport is located 115 km from the camp, and is closest to it. After you land at Izmir airport, you can rent a car. You can easily find the rental point in the airport terminal. Further your way lies to Odemis and Bozdag districts, and from there to the camp on the road with signs.

You can travel the same way by bus. From the center of Izmir take a bus to Odemis. From Odemis you can reach the camp in minibuses following the route to Bozdag.

Odemis Bozdag Camp, Odemis Bozdag Camp / Izmir

Information about Odemis Bozdag Camp / Izmir

Odemis Bozdag Camp is the third largest camp in the Aegean region of Turkey. This is one of the most preferred places for outdoor recreation, especially in winter. Camp is located on Mount Bozdag, whose height is about 2160 meters. Unique landscapes and nature create excellent conditions for outdoor activities. In addition to camping, in the area of ​​Bozdag there is also a ski center. Those who want to actively spend their holidays can rent equipment and go skiing or snowboarding on local slopes.

There are few places to visit around the campsite. However, the same cannot be said about Odemis. This area of Izmir has a rich excursion program, which includes:

  • Bedia Ataturk Museum
  • Odemis Market
  • Women’s craft market
  • Ulu camii mosque
  • City Archive and Museum of Odemis
  • Bozdag ski resort
  • Ghost Village (Hayalet Koy Lubbey)
  • Golcuk Lake

Odemis Bozdag Camp, Odemis Bozdag Camp / Izmir

Where to stay in Odemis Bozdag Camp / Izmir?

The most obvious type of camping accommodation is of course a tent. At any time of the year, whatever you choose for a holiday in the Odemis Bozdag Camp, make sure you bring warm clothes with you. Since the camp is located on a mountain, the temperature even in summer can be quite low here. Those who prefer to combine active rest with comfort can find a lot of offers on accommodation from hotels near the ski center. Here you can find a hotel of any category from luxury options to simple hostels or guesthouses.