Every year, tourism takes on new forms, among which one can increasingly find outdoor activities. From this point of view, relaxing on Ohrid Lake is a great opportunity not only to sunbathe and swim, but also to enjoy stunning views in harmony with nature. It is the deepest and oldest lake in the Balkans. Hundreds of rare species of animals and plants that are important for the global ecosystem have been preserved here. Today you will learn about this lake, how to get there and where to stay.

How to get to Ohrid Lake

Ohrid Lake is located on the territory of two states the same time: Albania and Macedonia. Therefore, to get here, you guessed it is possible from two countries.

From the side of Macedonia. On the lake is the city of the same name Ohrid. It will be easiest for you to get here from the capital (Skopje) by bus or rented car. Travel time will be about 2 hours.

Ohrid Lake, Ohrid Lake, Albania / Macedonia Travel Guide

From the side of Albania. You need to get to the city of Pogradec. The city is located on the southern shores of the lake. You can use a minibus or rent a car.

Information about Ohrid Lake

Ohrid Lake was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1979. The age of the lake, according to scientists, is about 5 million years, and a depth of about 300 meters. The lake has one of the highest rates of water purity, so you can see in depth up to 20 meters. From both countries, on the shores of the lake are resort towns with beaches, hotels, spa and entertainment centers. In addition, there are several interesting sights around the lake that you can visit as part of a one-day excursion program. Among them:

Ohrid Lake, Ohrid Lake, Albania / Macedonia Travel Guide

  • Ohrid Fortress (Macedonia); its construction dates back to the.
  • Ali Pasha Mosque (16th century);
  • Ohrid Antique Theater;
  • Church of St. John Kaneo; and others

Hotels on the Ohrid Lake

There are many hotels on Ohrid Lake, both from the Macedonian side and from Albania. The choice is very large, so even in high season you have the opportunity to stay on the lake. At the same time, the pricing policy of local hotels is very pleasing with relatively low prices. Here are some hotels where you can stay:

Ohrid Lake, Ohrid Lake, Albania / Macedonia Travel Guide

Villa Veron: The owners of the hotel are a very friendly and lovely married couple. The rooms are quite clean and spacious, just 5 minutes from the lake.

Luccia Apartments: The hotel is a 10-minute walk from the lake, and there are many shops and cafes around.

Vila Bisera: This is a great hotel with beautiful views. The hotel has both luxury and budget rooms.