For those who cannot imagine their vacation without outdoor recreation, camping in Turkey can be an excellent alternative. The nature of this country is so beautiful and diverse that to visit here and not to rest at least a few days at the campsite can be considered a great loss. The unique nature combined with excellent service gives tourists an excellent opportunity to relax alone with nature in the comfortable conditions of the Turkish camps. One of these places is Olympos Camp. This is a very popular camping site for both locals and foreign tourists. It is located just 80 kilometers from Antalya on the shores of the Gulf of the Mediterranean.

Olympos Camp / Antalya How to get there?

The easiest and fastest way to get to Olympos Camp is by plane. The nearest airport is located in Antalya. The airport serves both local and international flights. From here to Olympus Camp, you need to head south on the D400 highway. The journey time to the camp will be about 1.5 hours.

Olympos Camp, Olympos Kamp (Antalya): Camping in Turkey

The most convenient you will move by car. You can rent it at the rental desk at the airport terminal. If for any reason you cannot rent a car, then take a bus ticket. From the bus station in Antalya, there are buses on the route Kumluca – Fethiye. That you need them. Buses make stops along the way and drop off passengers traveling to the camp. In the summer, during the high tourist season, buses leave every 30 minutes.

Information about Olympos Camp / Antalya

Olympos Camp was open to visitors in the late 80s. Among other campgrounds, Olympos stands out for its many advantages. Among them, the main thing is the location. In the vicinity of Kamp there are not only the cleanest beaches and green forests, but also the ancient city and the National Natural Parks.

In addition to beautiful views, Olympos Camp also offers excellent service. You can stay here with a tent or with a motorhome. The campsite has showers, toilets, electricity, mini fridges, picnic areas and barbecues. In the camp, you can relax in a hammock under the shade of an orange or pomegranate tree or go swimming in the Mediterranean.

Olympos Camp, Olympos Kamp (Antalya): Camping in Turkey

Olympos welcomes visitors at any time of the year and attracts many tourists not only with its unique nature, but also with interesting sights in the surrounding area. Among them:

  • Yanartas Mount
  • The ancient city of Olympos
  • Cirali Bay
  • Mount Tahtali (Mount Olympos)
  • Ceneviz Bay
  • Ancient city of Phaselis
  • Beaches in Adrasan
  • Musa Mount
  • Ancient Lycian Way

Where to stay in Olympos Camp / Antalya?

The main type of accommodation in Olympos Camp is of course a tent or motorhome. For those tourists who do not have equipment for outdoor recreation, camp workers will be happy to offer a tent, pillows and a sleeping bag.

Olympos Camp, Olympos Kamp (Antalya): Camping in Turkey

An excellent alternative to a tent can be a small house, which you can also rent for a few days. Usually each such house is equipped with its own kitchen. If you do not want to cook on vacation, then you can use the camp catering.

In addition to this, you can stay in bungalows and even houses in trees. Olympos Camp can truly satisfy the request of any tourist.