Pamalican Island is a small island located in the northern part of the province of Palawan in the Philippines. The island is located in the center of a huge coral reef area of ​​7 sq. km. Despite the fact that the native language of the inhabitants of the island is Filipino, this is a tourist island, and almost everyone speaks English.

The entire territory of the Pamalican Island is private property. Once the island was bought by a successful businessman Andres Soriano. And later his children built a hotel on the island and turned it into a luxury resort called Amanpulo.

The Pamalican Island regularly hits the top of the best places for a romantic getaway. Pamalican is created for pleasure. It is ideal for those who seek salvation from the noise and crowds of people. Tourists will surely like the local atmosphere of solitude, lush coconut palms, well-appointed snow-white beaches and cozy bungalows.

Pamalican Island How to Get There?

There are 2 ways to get to the Pamalican Island. The first is a ferry service from Palawan and neighboring islands. Another way is by plane. Amanpulo resort has its own airport. The main city of the Philippines, Manila, is about 600 km away. You can overcome them in just 1.5 hours on a private plane. An aircraft with a capacity of only 19 passenger seats operates twice a day. On the territory of the island you can move on electric cars or on foot. Pamalican is surrounded by a first-class beach with white sand and coral reefs at a short distance from the coast. It is really incredibly calm; the rest of the guests does not disturb anything.

Pamalican Island, Pamalican Island, Philippines

Information about Pamalican Island

When is it better to go? The weather of Pamalican Island is influenced by the tropical climate of the region. The main tourist season here lasts from November to May. At this time, it is hot and there is almost no rain. In addition, the weather during this period contributes to surfing.

Between June and October, the island is influenced by monsoons. The number of tourists visiting the island during this period is quite low.

From December to March, strong winds are observed on the island. This time is perfect for sailing.

Pamalican Island, Pamalican Island, Philippines

Things to do? Despite the small size of the island, the resort offers a lot of entertainment for tourists. Guests of the island can have a great time by choosing any of the available options for outdoor activities. On Pamalican, guests will be offered to go diving and surfing, fishing, diving or sailing. Here you can watch the huge and leisurely sea turtles, and sometimes even see the whales.

Those who love sightseeing, can go to the neighboring islands. And the resort can offer an excellent SPA-center, restaurants and bars.

Hotels on Pamalican Island

For an excellent holiday on the island are equipped with several bungalows, made in the traditional Filipino style. Their name is Casita. Their location and equipment varies. You can stay in bungalows built right on the beach. Or – at the top of the hill, the second beach line. At the service of tourists living in Casita – tennis courts, a huge outdoor pool, barbecue areas and other amenities of living in a luxury resort.

Pamalican Island, Pamalican Island, Philippines