Phuket is another pearl of Thailand. Phuket Island is located in the southern part of the country and is comparable in area with Singapore. The name of the island in Thai means “mountain”. The island is known since ancient times, and all seafarers noted its convenient location on the way from India to China.

The island is the largest in Thailand. It is connected to the mainland by a dam, along which the highway passes. The island has its own airport, which also serves international flights.

Phuket is amazing. It is considered one of the most respectable resorts in Thailand, prices are much higher than in Pattaya. And here you can find the same entertainment. Phuket also offers a variety of leisure activities, from excursions and beaches to crazy nightlife.

Phuket How to get there?

Phuket Airport is one of the top three major air ports in Thailand, taking regular flights from more than 40 cities in the world. But even if your city is not in this list – it does not matter, get with a transfer in Bangkok. From Phuket Airport to the hotel, take a taxi, city bus or rented car.

Phuket, Phuket, Thailand Travel Guide

If a plane ticket is bought to Bangkok, then the cheapest way to get to Phuket will be a bus ride. Most of the flights to Phuket depart from the Southern Bus Terminal (Sai ​​Thai Mai). The trip will take about 12 hours, the price depends on the class of the cabin and the amount of luggage.

Information about Phuket

When is it better to go? There are only two seasons here – the rainy season (from May to October) and the hot season (November-April). However, in the rainy season there are many sunny days; and if it rains, then no more than one or two hours. The wettest month is September, and the best time for rest is the period from November to February.

Phuket, Phuket, Thailand Travel Guide

Things to do. Phuket is the real birthplace of diving in Thailand. Dozens of schools, dive centers, specialty stores and rental stations are scattered along the coast of the island. On the coast of the island are many places for divers of different levels of complexity – from experts to beginners.

On the beaches of Phuket, you will find a wide range of entertainment for active recreation – yachts, canoes, windsurfing, water skiing, parachutes, snorkeling, as well as other water activities.

Phuket has a clear and undeniable advantage over other resorts – there really is something to do. It is safe to say that no matter how long your vacation is, you still do not have enough time to learn all the sights of this wonderful island.

Phuket, Phuket, Thailand Travel Guide

In order to help you with a little bit of planning a vacation, here is a short list for you:

  • Check out the myth of the incredible Thai massage.
  • Get on foot to the top of Monkey Hill and take a picture with a monkey.
  • Talk with the main monk in the temple of Big Buddha and walk away enlightened with a string for good luck on the wrist.
  • Try to touch the landing plane at Mai Khao Beach.
  • Refuse the tips of guidebooks and make your own top five of the best beaches on the island.
  • Go to the pharmacy and stock up on local healing ointments and herbs for three generations ahead.
  • Watch the movie “The Beach”, then look at the hotel On-On and sit in the bar while waiting for DiCaprio.

Hotels in Phuket

Prices for hotels in Phuket are higher than in Pattaya, but lower than in other similar resorts. Here you will always find hotels for every taste and budget. You can rent a villa with a gorgeous garden, private pool and sea view, a good three-star hotel or a room in a guesthouse with a bed and a window.