Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is also the largest city in the country. According to some tourists, who are several million in the capital every year, this is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Whether it is so or not, you can judge for yourself by visiting the Czech capital. However, the city impresses with its magnificence and the number of attractions even biased and experienced travelers. This is surprising, but even after two World Wars, the Old Town almost completely remained in Prague. Now, in whatever direction you go, the most amazing architectural objects will open before you.

However, Prague is famous not only for its wide excursion program, but also for active night and day entertainments. Every tourist can find entertainment to his taste. We just suggest you take a look at the small entertainment guide in Prague.

Prague Festivals

During festivals, Prague is especially beautiful and interesting. Experienced tourists know that this is the right time to learn the local customs and traditions and get to know the locals better. The main part of festivals and city holidays takes place in the summer season. The program of events is very rich: these are music, theater, dance, gastronomic festivals, various exhibitions and concerts, and much more. Here are the biggest events of the Czech capital:

  • International Music Festival (May-June);
  • Beer Festival (2 weeks in May);
  • Street Art Festival (first week of June);
  • HABROVKA is a national festival-fair (June);
  • Museum Night (from June 8 to 9), at this time you can visit more than 50 museums and galleries for free;
  • FESTPOL is a festival of police orchestras (June / July);
  • Christmas Festival and many others.

Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

Prague Nightlife

The nightlife in Prague is very active and diverse. Each guest of the Czech capital will be able to find entertainment to taste. You can go for a romantic walk along the promenade, go to dinner in the restaurant. Alternatively, you can head to the bar for a few cocktails and listen to live music. In addition, you can go to a nightclub and have a great time at a crazy party.

Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

The bulk of Prague’s entertainment venues are located in the Wenceslas Square area. Some restaurants and bars close at midnight, but clubs and dance floors are open until morning. The good news is that entertainment prices in Prague are not so high compared to other European capitals. Another feature of the nightlife of Prague can be considered the presence of club barkers. These people are standing on the street in front of the club entrance and inviting guests to go inside. Sometimes they can be very annoying. However, they can quickly give information about the club’s evening program. According to the reviews of tourists, they do not deceive people and act legally. However, to agree to their invitation or not, this is a personal matter for everyone.